What’s your favorite fruit?

One day my kids came up to work to visit and when they left my coworker said, Your kids aren’t fat.  Like shockingly.  And I said, What an odd thing to say.  He said he thought he remembered me saying my kids were fat, which I would never say because they aren’t.  I’m sure looking at me, you’d think they were, but two of them got their dad’s metabolism and one of them is going to have to work at it.  I have to work at it and sometimes I do, but mostly I don’t.  I want to, I’m going to, but I need to get moving as soon as my foot is healed.  I don’t like the feeling of not being able to do anything because I’m injured.  This can not be my future.

When my kids were little we used to have a code word.  It was for if someone was to pick them up because I’d been in an accident or something.  Who knows, it was something I had heard you should have so your kids didn’t get kidnapped.  When they started having sleepovers, we had another code word for if they were having a bad time and needed to be picked up.  It was Peaches.  If they called and said, Peaches then I needed to go get them.  Tenderheart has been using this as recent as when she was dating her ex and he would take her to a party or something.  If she was having a bad time she would text me peaches and I’d make sure she was okay.  She’s basically the girl who called wolf fruit because she would say peaches, I would be worried, and then she’d have the best time ever.  We added pineapples for a really good time, apples for a meh time but don’t come get me and blueberries if she got a kiss.

One day she and her ex were walking around the outdoor mall and fighting.  We talked today about how much they actually fought and how silly it was.  So they were walking around the outdoor mall and I texted to see what fruit they were at and she said, “Definitely not blueberries.”  Haha, they wasted so much time fighting, time they could have spent eating blueberries.

Today, I let Tenderheart drive across town to the amusement park so she would have a feel for where it is and how to get there so she can drive herself next week.  She did really well.  I still do that if I’m driving somewhere unfamiliar just so I have a feel for where I’m going and how long it will take.

I was thinking today on what I want them to pass on to their kids.  That’s one of the things, long drives to just talk.  Not my anger or my short temper, but my love for them.  Today Tenderheart was talking about how far she’s come this year, and she really has.  She went hiking with a friend last week and didn’t complain once.  One day last summer, she sat on the ground crying because she was so hot and thirsty while they were walking to lunch.  She’s gained confidence and self-assurance, and I’m so proud of the person she’s becoming.  I told her to be patient and there would be blueberries in her future as soon as she was ready.  But no apricots!  Don’t even ask what apricots was!!



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