Just Under the Wire

I’m running out of things to say so I thought I’d post some pics and keep my streak alive like we’re on some weird Snapchat streak, which I actually have one of those with one of Tenderheart’s friends. It’s probably weird but sometimes she just sends me a pic with the word Streak on it. We’re at like 22 days.

So Tenderheart’s summer has been moving right along. She went hiking with one of her friends at one of my favorite places.

My foot is still injured and she and Moonshine really want to go hiking tomorrow to “celebrate” Father’s Day but I don’t know how much  I can do. I’m going to try though.

Father’s Day isn’t fun around here.  I have a couple of girls who wish beyond wishes they had a dad to spend the day with so I don’t want to just let them hang around moping and watching movies, I want to do something. Unfortunately my lack of funds and hurt foot limit me. I’ll let you know if it goes like this:


This is Tenderheart telling Moonshine to get out of her photo shoot.

So if you’re dad’s not dead or a deadbeat, have an amazing Father’s Day!



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