It was the Mondayest Monday I’ve Ever Experienced

Remember when I told you what a great birthday weekend I had?  Well, then Monday happened and it was the Mondayest Monday ever.  If you’re any kind of reader you know a couple of years ago I tried to Fight Club someone for trying to read my blog to my daughter.  What actually happened was the guy play tackled me and my ankle twisted and I fell on it.  I then had to go on the choir retreat and walk on it for two days.  By the time I got home I was in so much pain that I just broke down crying.  I went to Urgent Care to get x-rays and my foot wasn’t broken, but I had pulled ligaments.  I was in a boot and on crutches for like six weeks.

So Tenderheart was selected for this college program.  This college program is going to change her life.  Have I told you yet what a tough year she’s had? The college program mentors her, tutors her, helps her manage her student life, and helps find money for college.  They only have a few of them in the country and this one works directly with her school and teachers.  They focus on the whole student and getting them to where they are meant to be in life.  It’s huge.  There’s community service, college trips, help with essays, yoga, counseling.

I don’t think I’ve talked about this, but at Sunshine’s college they have a Master’s program in counseling and they need “test cases” and it’s free.  Sunshine signed up her Freshman year when she started feeling the stress and anxiety come on and it really helped her.  The next year, she got another counselor; and the following year, another one.  It’s interesting because she’s had three through there and they all helped her in one way or another because each one has a different technique to deal with stress and anxiety.  She struggles with that, as most young adults do nowadays.

This college program Tenderheart was selected for has the same thing.  This is a long form way of telling you what happened Monday after my amazing birthday weekend.  I was on my way out of the orientation meeting and walking down the stairs holding my cute umbrella and I stepped in a crack, my ankle twisted, and I fell.  My umbrella went flying, my hands hit the ground and I felt like my ankle broke.  And I was humiliated.  Luckily most people were inside waiting for the rain to stop, but the lady in front of me, who I hit with my flying umbrella, stopped and came back to help me.  Tenderheart, who’s biggest fear is being embarrassed in public, didn’t run like I thought she would and she helped me up, the lady handed me my umbrella, and I picked up my purse which had broken.  It was quite a scene.

I was going to go to Urgent Care again this morning, but I just put my ankle brace back on from the last time I did this and the boot and got my crutches back out of the garage.  It’s fine, it’s all good.  But for my sister, I’ll go to the doctor if it doesn’t get better.

This morning, I then went to go to work because I needed to work in the office and my battery was dead.  Like dead dead. Turns out, when Tenderheart, who wrote me that amazing birthday letter, drove me home, she took a little time to record herself lip synching to something and left my key turned on all night.  I don’t know why she didn’t hear the beeping when she tried to get out, but she’s one of those people who records herself lip synching to put on Snapchat so that says a lot about a person.  And I’m a pretty smart person myself, but I cannot figure out how to jump my battery.  It’s been on a charger all day and I’m still sitting here on some old Percocet with a dead car trying to get my work done from home.  I guess that’s what I get for bragging.



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