Just Casually Raising Rockstars Over Here

My birthday was this weekend.


That’s me, 45 years ago at just a couple of days old.

I had an amazing weekend.  Thursday, I went to dinner and a movie with Heather Hola! , her daughter Minny, and Tenderheart.  I had a grown-up rootbeer float, which I didn’t even know was such a thing and it was so good.  Then Friday, Sunshine came home and we hung out while the other two went to work.  Saturday, which was my actual birthday, I took a couple of naps, which is probably what I was getting ready to do in that picture up there.  That night I went to dinner with my cousins Cindi and Cari and their kids.  Moonshine and Tenderheart were working so we went there for dinner and Sunshine, who’s in the middle of a cleanse, took her smoothie.  Sunday, Moonshine planned a whole day with things I love.  We went on a hike, Chinese for lunch, and then a movie.

And don’t even get me started on how much fun birthdays are on Facebook.  I’m irritated with Facebook and how I can see your likes and comments and have realized how vastly different my political views are from a lot of my friends, but I think we can all agree that birthdays on Facebook are fun!

Anyway, I got an Amazon gift card, money, a new vacuum, and Tenderheart wrote me a letter that made me cry.

Parenting is hard.  You go through life praying they listen and praying you’re getting through to them and they see what you do for them and know how much you love them.  You never know if it’s getting through, and then Tenderheart wrote this:

Mom, thank you so much for being born and being you and loving us.  You’re one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted, hilarious, beautiful, strong, and hardworking people ever. You inspire me to be better and you are my role model, you help me so much and have helped me become more confident and a better me.  You have taken care of us three so well that we grew up to be freaking rockstars!  

You’re such an amazing mom, and my best friend.  Guess what, girl?  Soon it will just be me and you, partying all the time and just being bad bitches!  Thank you so much for fighting for us and loving us unconditionally.  Thank you for paying for poms and giving me endless photo shoots, for visiting me at work, being my number one fan and number one gossip girl…

Thank you for supporting all of us no matter what.  Sunshine dies her hair all different colors and she shaved half her head for God’s sake and you were front and center supporting her and boosting her confidence.  Most moms would’ve gone crazy, but we’ve been blessed with the best so you were there.  It’s been hard but you’ve been there and I can’t thank you enough.So to help try, I got you money just for clothes.  Not for spoiled snotty brats, but for you to find more clothes.  Not one penny on anything else, but for you to treat yourself.  I love you so much.  Stay perfect. –Your Best Friend

About halfway through I started laughing, one, because she’s hilarious; and two, that’s what I do in emotional situations.  I’m a nervous laugher, we all are.  Sunshine said, She’s getting ready to cry and I sure did.



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  1. Whitney

    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful birthday. It was well deserved. Your daughter’s letter was so touching. See…you are doing more right than you give yourself credit for and they DO notice. Keep up the great job!!

    I agree with you about politics on FB. I’d be much happier not reading what some people think. I’m actually kinda shocked to read what some people blurt out. I guess everyone has their own opinions but I have to wonder if they think before the “speak”. I am more of an observer so I just stay out of it all, other than to be like, “What? Is this really real?” Lol

    By the way..are these comments private to you only? I tend to write with the assumption that they are.

    Have a wonderful day!

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