What’s the point?

I used to go to lunch with this guy who worked at the same company, and I called him Baby Daddy.  Not my baby daddy and not to his face, but he was someone’s baby daddy.  He was such a good guy and I’m not even sure how it started because he was like an IT guy and we must have been working on a project and he suggested we go to lunch one day because I would have never been that brave.  And he was married with three adopted kids so it was all very innocent….unfortunately.

One day we went to lunch and just talked about religion.  He was smart and kind and a really good father, so I definitely was not used to having conversations with that caliber of person, it was a nice change.  And I won’t be too specific on his religion, but I would have totally sister wived him if it would have been allowed.  He was just fun and interesting and never once tried to make any kind of move or take it to another level.  He’s my one exception to my thought that married men and women can’t be friends.  I have a few more examples that didn’t work out so well, but those were with men who didn’t have integrity.

As I was writing this at work, my office mate came in complaining about her husband….again.  Turns out his lost his job….again.  You can read HERE all about their saga.  I saw them a couple of weeks ago at Chickfila and we were inside and she was in the drive thru so I texted her and he had just lost his job for not working enough.  However, according to her he was ALWAYS working so I don’t know what actually happened.  It’s sad.  I hate to see anyone lose their job and they were getting ready to sell their two houses and buy another house in the school district they need.  Yeah, I feel awful for you, you’re really living on a wing and a prayer.  Oh wait, no, that’s me.  I was living with a negative bank account and $40 to get me through the next week, I’m so sorry you’re having to dip into your $20,000 savings to pay for your daughter’s POMs.

Okay, that took a turn from my perfect baby daddy, but I can’t remember what I was going to say about him, I was just thinking about him this morning and wondering where he was.  We’re Facebook friends but he never posts, to which I ask, what’s the point?



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