Winnie the Pooh is so Wise

When I was talking about my dad a couple of days ago, I forgot something I was going to talk about.  A few weeks ago Sunshine liked something on Facebook.  And just a quick note about that, I don’t like that I can see everything you like and comment on, I’d rather just be able to see your actual status updates.  Hopefully they’ll fix that at some point because I’m losing interest just scrolling down thinking, who the hell are these people.  And seriously, Mark Zuckerberg, can we get a political block before I’m left following no one.

Anyway, the article Sunshine liked was “How to break up with your dad” or something like that.  Hold on, let me get it. It’s called, To All the Brave Kids Who Broke Up with Their Toxic Dads and I hope the author doesn’t mind me sharing it here.  It’s so good, I could never write like that.  I only write about my stuff because that’s basically all I know, but I had a toxic dad and I married a man who would also be a toxic dad.

My dad is dead, but my kids struggle with that all the time.  They want a dad, not their dad, but what they think a dad should be/could be.  They want a dad in their lives.  Not very many people understand when they tell them, I don’t have a relationship with my dad.  Tenderheart had someone who understood but only because he was exactly like her dad.  And I’ve told them forever, they need to watch out that they don’t attract people who are like their dad, because they unknowingly will, I did.  Moonshine got hers out of the way and so has Tenderheart and Sunshine’s way too smart, she can spot a deadbeat a mile away.

When Tenderheart went to Starbucks with her dad a few weeks ago, he told her he used to be like her ex, mean and not caring about other people’s feelings and I said, when, last week?  And then I laughed!!  No, I didn’t really say that, but that’s what I thought.

And while I was waiting for this to post, my friend Rhymes with Britney sent me this saying and I couldn’t find it exactly, but I found it with a picture I love more:


That Winnie the Pooh sure does get a point across though.


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