Who needs to get a grip, Darcy?

Tenderheart came in the other day from a graduation party and said, I could stay home the rest of the summer and still say, I had an amazing summer.  Mission accomplished.  My mission of keeping her busy and getting her out of the house is complete.  Now, obviously I don’t want her staying home the rest of the summer, and she won’t, but I was so happy for her because I feel like she’s over the hump.

Speaking of challenges, I’m trying to blog every day in June.  Don’t get excited, or your hopes up, they can’t all be winners or have pictures, but I haven’t been in a very good space and I think it’s because I haven’t been using this outlet I have to get everything out.

At the party I went to last weekend, I saw the woman who mocked me for being sad that Sunshine was going away for college three years ago.  Sunshine is going to be a Senior this year but went to college about an hour away.  This woman I probably called Darcy was listening to me talk to my friend about how sad it was and how our house dynamic was going to change (it did), and how I was going to miss her (I do).  This is when Darcy piped in with, What’s your problem? She’s only an hour away, get a grip.  She literally told me to get a grip.

At the party on Saturday she told me the story of her nephew who got a full scholarship to Tulsa University and only lasted a semester because he was homesick.  Yeah, my kid’s a senior, DARCY, so I guess homesickness doesn’t run in my family.  Maybe he should have gotten a grip.  She was actually mocking his family too, but man, I wish I was going to be around when her kid leaves for college…I really don’t.

I love seeing people I would never be friends with at parties.  And I love that my cousin Cindi was there so I could say, Oh, remember when I was complaining about so-and-so? Well, get ready to meet them.  My cousin Cindi is the one relative I have that lives here and we meet for dinner and have game nights every now and again and I love that I have someone with a shared history that lives so close.

Moonshine wants to go away for school, like really away, like 10 hours away and I’m for it.  As long as she can find a way to pay for it, sign me up.  Don’t go away mad, just go away.  I love that she’s going near where my mom and sister are so she’ll still have family if she needs them, but she’s far enough away to actually be on her own.  On her own with a safety net, if you will.  And listen, Darcy, I want my kids to go away, I want them to go far, but I also want to be able to talk to my friend about how much I’m going to miss them without you mocking me, which is why we’re not even Facebook friends.

That took a different turn than I was expecting as sometimes they do so I’ll have to talk to you tomorrow about Moonshine and the long distance relationship, except I have a sneaking suspicion she reads. I’ll have to save that for another time and place.





  1. Whitney

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blogs again. You don’t give yourself enough credit my friend. You are an amazing Mom. You have been the one constant in their lives. Reading your blogs over the past week makes me realize how short our time is with our girls at home. Mine are already 10 and 7. You have always looked out for them, wanted the best for them and provided the foundation in which I believe will set them for very successful lives. As we get older, the respect for our Moms only grows stronger. I think you can relate based on what I have read. There’s a time when we think our Moms don’t understand and don’t get us but at some point it dawns on us that they always did. But they also let us make our choices, live and learn, and were there for us when we needed them. They still are. I’ve been on the outside watching you for many years. I’ve admired the parent you are. I can’t imagine my girls leaving either. I know that each and every day is one step closer to them being on their own. I was at school when the 5th graders were entering the gym for their graduation. I had to take a walk around the school as it made me tear up. Not only did it touch me that I would miss so many of these kids, their parents that I’d known over the past 5 years but also that next year my first baby will be a 5th grader. I can’t imagine anyone mocking some one for saying they would miss their child. Darci either lacks the relationship you have with your girl or she just doesn’t get it. I hope Tenderheart can get past her ex stuff and enjoy life more. He sounds like a jerk and she deserves better. He’s stolen so much from her already. Karma will catch up to him. Keep being the wonderful Mom that you are. I hope some day your soul mate walks in too. You deserve it. We spend our lives doing for our kids and lose track of ourselves in it. Even being married, it happens. Have a great day.

    • You made my day! Thank you so much for the kind words. And just know that you’re an amazing mom and your kids are so blessed and it really goes faster than you can ever imagine!

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