Freedom! You’ve gotta give for what you take

Tenderheart took her SAT on Saturday and it was the first time she’d seen her ex since school was out.  She rode with a friend who was her support system so she wouldn’t have a panic attack when she saw him.  She walked in around the same time and was looking at the board to see what room she was in and she said something to her friend and then her ex mocked her.  He doesn’t even deserve the cool name I made up for him.

Their mutual friends have been on her about being friends with him, give him a chance, go to lunch with him, get closure, hang out.  I’m sure it’s selfish on their part because they want to hang out with both of them, but other than their shared past, i.e preschool, four of the same schools, and standing next to each other at a random football game her freshman year, they would never be friends.  They’re in different circles and he pretended to be a really nice guy but he’s not.  I don’t know if deep down he’s a really nice guy or deep down he’s this guy who is mean to her and mocks her in public.

I told her today to stop feeling bad about not being his friend because she would have never been friends with him and she’s under no obligation to be friends with him now.  And then I told her how proud I was that she was able to focus on her test and not have a breakdown.  She’s really come a long way.  I can’t wait to see what her Junior year has in store for her.

Things started looking up for her at the end of the school year when she had her birthday, and then she got her license, and then my sister and her wife got her a car.  It was the biggest blessing!  Freedom!  She spent three days last week at the pool.  She got a pass to the amusement/water park for her birthday and her Poms camp started Monday.  She was my third I taught how to drive and I didn’t know if I was going to survive it, but I did and she did and that car has given her the freedom she’s been needing, within reason.  We still are having a power struggle about the “I made it” text, but I’m going to win that one.  It’s really just courtesy to tell me you made it so I don’t sit there and worry. I mean, I’ll resort to Find my iPhone, but dude, just text me when you get there.13256551_10208339729083812_73000286613294647_n.jpg



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