Challenge Accepted

My friend from high school, Oh! Canada, posted this on my Facebook wall:


After all these years, does she know me, or what?  Another thing my girls and I talk about a lot is whether “normal” people nap and what’s excessive.  Tendherheart is the queen of the nap.  She’d take one every day if she could, but when she went through her break up, I felt like it got really excessive.  And at that point, what’s tired and what’s depression?  I don’t know, it’s a fine line.  And she was impossible to wake up.  I would get so mad because I want her to go out and do things and not nap….but then, boy, I do love a nap.

I wonder if my soul mate knows he’s not married to his soul mate.  And when do you think he’s going to figure it out, on his golden anniversary?  I mean, come on, I think it’s time already.

I went to a party the other night and about five minutes in I was already out of small talk.  I wonder if everyone has that problem.  And I love the people who threw the party and all their friends are great, but I always have a lot of anxiety that people are going to see right through me and realize I’m not interesting.  And what if I’m not interesting?  I try really hard to remember names.  I got an editing job a long time ago and I asked my sister if she thought it would make me more interesting at parties and she said, probably not.

The party continued on a party bus and I was invited, but I’m living on a wing and a prayer until I get paid on the 10th and I couldn’t think of anything less fun than going out and not having any money to spend on drinks.  It’s just me and Tenderheart this week and I keep praying she works because she gets a free meal every time she works.  Having a 16th birthday and a graduation in the same month on the same pay period really stretched my already stretched budget.  And thank God for my family who paid for the Noodles, the Chick-fil-a platter, and the cake because that was a life saver.

You know what I do have though?  Netflix.  No chill, but I have Netflix and nap.


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