Tenderheart is braver than she believes

Have I told you lately about the hard year Tenderheart’s had?  She was dumped in January and just when she’s doing better and she thinks they can be friends, he starts dating someone else who’s a Junior so he can go to prom now.  He used to talk about getting two Juniors to take him and Tenderheart to prom so they could go together and now he was going with someone else.  Then she’s getting better and the yearbook comes out.  Guess who’s on the couples page!


A couples page in a high school yearbook, what could go wrong.  And the caption says something ridiculous like Marky Mark goes to all of Tenderheart’s performances.  Well, one, he didn’t, and two, it was always a fight to get him to come watch her.  So…maybe check your facts, high school editor.  And to everyone at her high school who felt it necessary to make sure she saw she’s on the couples page and liked telling her how awkward that was, there’s a special place in hell for you.

And I’m not a big fan of the Facebook memories tab either, especially when her last 14 months had been spending time with someone who’s no longer in her life.  It’s a slap in the face almost every day of someone you thought you were happy with last year.  It’s just one more thing she has to deal with.

But then she choreographed a dance for her year end recital to get all her feelings out and it was selected so she performed in front of everyone.  She left it all on the floor and that’s when things start to change a little.  There were still little set backs, but I felt like we were really on an upswing and then it was prom night and there were pics everywhere so she backslid again.  The first part of this year has really been one step forward and two steps back.  I got her into counselling because I’m not enough and I’ll gladly admit it.  I had my heart broken and never dated again.

The counselling really helped and then she turned 16 and she was accepted into a college program and the link crew at her school.  She got a car and her license and school FINALLY ended so she didn’t have to see him every day.  But then he was accepted into the same SAT prep she was so she still has to tolerate his existence and take the SAT with him this Saturday.  I told her I wanted her to get to a point where she can see him and not have a panic attack.  Maybe one day she can say hello and not end up crying in the bathroom. Baby steps.  It’s all baby steps, but she’s on an upswing again.

She spent all day in the library today with a friend and had a great time.  She borrowed a couple of self-help books and she’s making summer plans.  Last summer was a whole lot of what’s Marky Mark doing and when can they see each other.  He monopolized her time and didn’t like it when she hung out with other people.  This summer I’m encouraging her to hang out with everyone she knows.  Branch out, be brave.  I’ve probably said “be brave” 1500 times the first part of this year and I’ll say it as many more times as she needs to hear it.  And then I got her this for her birthday so she’ll have this reminder every time she needs it:13226868_10208298179565100_2214701360048281792_n


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