Normal is Overrated

We talk a lot around here about what “normal” people do.  I’ve talked a little about it before.  There are four of us and we’re a little unit and we’re close.  Moonshine is dating a new beau, who I might start calling Beaux.  I actually like him.  Her timing is questionable since she’s getting ready to leave for college, but that’s none of my business, I’m just trying to keep her on track.

Beaux came to Moonshine’s graduation party and Sunshine and Tenderheart were cuddled on the couch taking a nap.  I asked Beaux if his siblings did that and he said, They do not. Maybe it’s a boy/girl thing.  I have all girls and they’re super cuddly.  Sometimes Sunshine will say, Tickle my feet to anyone sitting around her and they do.

One day, Sunshine said, Did you know some people actually close the door when they use the bathroom, and I was like Wha’??  Is that a thing?  I can’t remember the last time someone didn’t come downstairs while I was in the bathroom to show me their outfit or ask a question.  Even the dog likes to come in and see why I’ve been gone for so long.  It’s been like a minute, Lola and/or Tenderheart, you’ll be fine.

IMG_5969 (1)

Tenderheart said her ex thought it was weird that we say I love you so much.  And I said, You mean “normal” people don’t say I love you when they leave the room?  I don’t even want to live in a world like that!

But then everyone gets mad at me when I point out that “normal” people also clean up after themselves.  They put their clothes away, they clean the dog poop out of the yard, they rinse their dishes, they put trash in an actual trashcan, etc.  We’re getting better with that, so we don’t have to clean for two days when we have company, but I like a little abnormal when it comes to the other stuff.


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