This is the end

I’ve said before I think social media is going to be the end of our existence.  That might be a little dramatic, but social media is too much.  Someone set up a Twitter account to tell Tenderheart, “I think you’re a privileged white girl who is lucky to have a boyfriend who loves you and most likely doesn’t flirt”.  They were responding to something she had retweeted from someone else about dating a cute boy who doesn’t flirt.  It’s all ridiculous.  But they literally set up a Twitter account, responded to three of her tweets, one from August, tweeted three more things and then most likely went to bed.

Now, you put everything out there to get some kind of reaction or attention, right?  But a couple of things about what they wrote.  First of all, that person, who could likely be a friend of her boyfriend (Marky Mark) or a spurned girl, obviously doesn’t know her well.  She’s not white and she’s certainly not privileged.  In fact, when she told me about it, I was like, awww, someone thinks you’re privileged, how exciting!!  There’s no second of all, but did you hear we’re privileged?

A little over a year ago, Tenderheart went to the homecoming football game with some friends.  Moonshine had a choir concert so I was there selling tickets.  Tenderheart looked like this:

IMG_9278A boy came and stood next to her and started talking to her.  He was sort of flirting and called her “bandana girl” because he had no idea what her name was.  She knew his name because she’s known him since preschool.  It was Marky Mark.  He had a date to the homecoming dance the next night but found Tenderheart at the dance and took a selfie.  Turns out his date was mean and they weren’t actually dating so he started talking to Tenderheart.  He took her to a movie at his “favorite mall”, which we thought was hilarious.  Then he said he and a friend who was a girl got a Groupon for a haunted house and did she want to come.  I thought that was odd because he had planned on going with this other girl, but he told Tenderheart he found $20 in the parking lot and gave it to her so she could pay for the haunted house.  We found out later that he just wanted to help her pay but didn’t know how to do it.

Tenderheart went to the haunted house and said it was “hella awkward” because it was clear that other girl liked Marky Mark.  They had been friends forever and had gone to middle school together and she didn’t understand why Tenderheart was there.  And then, this is the worst, at the end of the night when Marky Mark’s mom picked them up, Marky Mark told that girl to sit in the front with his mom so he could sit in the back with Tenderheart.  Can you even imagine the awkwardness?  When she came home and told that story, I almost died of embarrassment. This was her telling us the story:


She was walking on Cloud 9.  She texted him for another week over Fall break, and still wasn’t sure he liked her.  I tried to tell her no one texts that much if they don’t like her, but she had no idea, she was so naïve.  We went to Oklahoma over Halloween and then when she went back to school he asked her out.  “Out”, whatever that means.  She felt like everyone had a boyfriend and she wanted one and then she got one and realized it’s not all sunshine and flowers. It’s a lot of work, you have someone else’s feelings to consider.  On his birthday in early December, she went to dinner with his family and his mom took them to Bass Pro Shop so Tenderheart could take their Christmas pictures in the decorations.  Marky Mark was mortified but his mom got a nice picture of him and Tenderheart that he gave her for Christmas.IMG_2008

She tried to kiss him a few weeks later after we had gone to watch Moonshine sing at the zoo lights.  She walked him to the door and instead of hugging him, she went in for a kiss and he turned his head to go for a hug.  She got back in the car and said, Well I’m never doing that again!  And I said, GOOD!!  The second she got in the car he texted and asked if she was trying to kiss him.  He was so embarrassed, she was so embarrassed and watching from the car, it was as awful as you can imagine.

He came over after Moonshine’s septum surgery and we all decorated cookies.  IMG_2009Then in early January, Tenderheart started freaking out about how to act at school.  Was she going to have to kiss him at school, were they going to hold hands, what was going to happen at school and what would everyone think.  She broke up with him.  As a parent, you try and save them from themselves, but it doesn’t always work, she has to figure it out herself.  She had been spiraling for a few days and she thought she wasn’t good enough for him and that he didn’t really like her and on and on.  You really just have to let it all run its course.  They broke up for one day and she apologized and he asked her out again.

This was Homecoming this year:


As I was trying to remember where I was going with this post,  other than to show you Tenderheart’s glo up, this happened. Tenderheart and Marky Mark had to dress up for their business class.  

When one of Marky Mark’s friends asked why they were dressed up, Tenderheart said, We’re getting married!! *groan* And Marky Mark said, My dad’s funeral. Now listen, it was a bad joke as 15 year olds are wont to make. I make the occasional dead dad joke myself, but my dad is actually dead. His friend knew he was kidding so when Tenderheart posted that picture on Instagram, the friend wrote something like, Condolences on Marky Mark’s dad with a bunch of emoticons and Tenderheart replied, He’s alive and well with a laughing so hard I’m crying face. They thought it was funny because they knew the joke. 

Guess who didn’t think it was funny? Marky Mark’s brother who’s going to college in another state. His ex saw the post on Tenderheart’s page and alerted him that something might be wrong with his dad. This prompted a late night phone call to his parents, triggering an early morning text to Tenderheart for her to tell “her friend” he wasn’t funny. None of this was her fault but she felt awful. And I’ll say it again, Social media will be the demise of our civilization. 


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