Monday morning recap 

You’ll be happy to know I wasn’t depressing all weekend. And that Saturday afternoon I went to a high school football game. Proof:

 It was to watch Lindsey perform with a bunch of little kids from the POMs clinic that was earlier in the day, but it was fun. I like high school football. I don’t want to get ahead of myself though. 

Last week was Sunshine’s 20th birthday. And we make a big deal around here about birthdays. Tenderheart and I drove down to pick her out a new bed and meet her for dinner. We had a great time.  

 Every year I ask them if they’ll let me reenact the birth scene and every year they say no. But she let me reenact this picture, which made me super happy.  
 Twenty years!!  Where does the time go?  It goes too fast for sure. 

I had to look back through Facebook to see what I did the rest of the week and it was pretty much nothing, but last weekend was Moonshine’s choir retreat and it was amazing. That’s my next post. 

Sunday we went hiking to the place we had Moonshine’s senior pictures taken.  

 It’s in the mountains but not even an hour from our house and it’s gorgeous. There’s just something about a river and the sounds and just being next to one that’s really soothing. So we went back to do more exploring. What I wasn’t prepared for was how crowded it would be. I fit my car into a place that was clearly not marked for parking but I fit and didn’t get towed. We took Molly: 
 We did not take Lola because she’s in heat. Yup, judge away, I have had Lola for two years and have not managed to get her fixed. 
It was a trial run because we didn’t take enough water, didn’t eat a good breakfast, didn’t get an early enough start, and we went the wrong way. We should have gone right along the river because it was much more level but we went left which was basically straight up a mountain. And I need a stronger word than gorgeous because that’s what it was. The aspens weren’t quite changing but I’m in love with this tree:
  On the way back past it, Moonshine wanted to climb it again and Tenderheart yelled, No!  I thought she was just nervous for her to climb it again but I looked down and there was a giant snake in front of it. I couldn’t get a picture fast enough but Moonshine said she didn’t need to climb that tree again and we left. Quickly and in the opposite direction. Then they played in the river:  

 And we went to Sonic and then home. Molly and all of us actually were exhausted.   
 But it was nice to be out there and I could breathe. And I did. Deeply. 


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