But really, what do you mean???

I was going to go my whole life not hearing the new Justin Bieber song but was assaulted in the orthodontist’s office. And I still don’t know what you mean or why I’m still coming to the orthodontist. And I’m not a Bieber hater, I just have no reason to seek out his new song and the oldies station doesn’t play it. 

One thing I miss about blogging regularly is my flashback foto Friday. I still don’t have a good name for it but I liked posting pics on Fridays with a recap of my week.  It’s the same reason I’m loving the memory feature on Facebook.  So just take yourself back to last Friday and assume I’ll be better going forward. 

I sent my two youngest to spend the night with Sunshine in the Springs. I could feel myself needing a break and I thought they would have fun. They were fighting within about five minutes but they figured it out and did have fun. I did not go get Tenderheart when she said she wanted to come home and they went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and had an amazing time. It gave me some faith that they’ll actually speak after I die.  


Monday was my company picnic at a Rockies game. I’m not a big sports person but I love going to the games when they’re free, and Coors Field is beautiful. Moonshine, Tenderheart, and I went for the food and then Tenderheart’s boyfriend Marky Mark met us at the game.  

And remember my office mate? Well, her husband who she complains about all the time got us into a lower section and we had awesome seats.   

He seemed like a great guy to me. 

The rest of the week is kind of a blur because we had a busy weekend but this happened on Thursday when Marky Mark asked Tenderheart on their 10 month anniversary to homecoming, which happens to fall on their 11 month anniversary.  That’s like 100 months in teen years. 

 He knows she has an undying love for donuts. 

And dancing. He took her to a Quinceneara on Saturday.  

That whole concept fascinates me. You’re presenting your 15 year old to the world as a woman. We went to one earlier this summer where Tenderheart was in the court and her parents took the girl’s flats and gave her heels like that symbolized she’s a woman now. Fascinating.  Although if heels symbolize you’re a woman, I’m still a teen. 

Now that I’m thinking about this, I should totally do a whole summer recap in pictures. That would probably take me until next summer though. 

And lastly in my week in pictures, I got Moonshine’s senior pictures done. Yes, I have a senior again. She can’t wait to leave, she’s almost giddy.  

But she’s enjoying her senior year. She got an amazing part in the musical that I’m only going to talk about 98 more times and she’s taking a class at the community college. And she doesn’t hate me….today. Score!!! 



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