Where I pull out some sports analogies

Last we left off, Tenderheart was getting ready for the state tournament and I was sitting in a hot car with my head hanging out the window.  Shockingly or not, Tenderheart did not win the state tournament.  In fact, she lost her first match pretty handily 0-6, 0-6.  You’d have to go back and read blogs of me talking about Sunshine playing tennis to know how Tenderheart plays tennis.

Moonshine is scrappy.  She doesn’t go down without a fight.  If you’re going to beat Moonshine, it’s because you are really a better player.  Sunshine and Tenderheart don’t have what you’d call a killer instinct, a fire in their belly, or a million other sports analogies that mean they are fighters.  They want to win, don’t get me wrong, they just don’t really want to have to work too hard for it.  Let’s just say, Mr. Williams would have given them back.  You know, Serena and Venus’ dad.

So, I take off work, which I don’t have a back-up so I don’t actually “take off work”, I just do it when I’m finished and take my work phone wherever I go.  I pick up Marky Mark on the way because they’re going to the mall after the match. We go to the country club where you can tell the main desk lady is irritated with the riff-raff that are coming in to the tournament, because she has actual members to deal with, and she makes us sign in.  Marky Mark and I find Tenderheart and sit on the grass ready to watch her play.  Marky mark

I give her the thumbs up, like, good job, you got this, and I got the head shake, like, no I do not.  Great, good start.  I wanted to leave right then because I knew she didn’t think she could win, so why was I even there?  And I didn’t get my pep talk in, the one where anyone can win at any time and yes, that girl was better than Tenderheart but she wasn’t 0-6, 0-6 better.  Tenderheart didn’t play hard, she didn’t play her best because she was defeated in her mind from the get-go.  I wish you could yell at the players in tennis.  Like, Get your head out, Tenderheart!  You got this!! *head shake*; yes, you do; *head shake*; yes, you do; *head shake*, infinity.  Bend your effing knees and follow through!  For the love of all that’s holy, follow through!

On the way to dropping them at the mall and getting back to work, I asked Tenderheart what happened?  She said, Mom, she had a knee brace.  Mmmmm’kay then.

No knee brace, no winning

No knee brace, no winning

Her next match she played so much better and she still lost, but she didn’t get skunked because she played her best.  I told her I’d rather she lost every time playing her best than just giving up.  No one wants to play with that chick or watch her.


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