Ain’t no room for quitters

I’m watching Tenderheart play tennis in the middle of the day. She and Moonshine did a summer league and thankfully Moonshine was able to drive them because it was Tuesday and Thursday mornings with games on Monday. And I wondered all year what all those other parents did who were able to just take off work and take their kids and show up to every game. A bunch of stay-at-homes, right? God bless them because it was a struggle every single week to get Tenderheart to her Monday game because they don’t play at the same level and Moonshine was on a different team, mostly playing at a different location. 

And I thanked God every week for my flexible schedule and I only had a couple of breakdowns because I can’t be everywhere at once. 

So Moonshine’s team didn’t make it to the regional tournament, but Tenderheart’s did, which means her camp went another week. And a last minute practice and games on Friday. We’ll know the exact schedule on Wednesday. I can’t be the only parent who needs a little more notice, can I? And of course, Friday is her school physical which I’ve had scheduled for like eight weeks because her doctor is so booked. I’m never going to be able to move that on the chance she actually plays Friday morning. I’ll know more Wednesday night. 

And I don’t really have a point but I’m starving, I don’t have enough gas to keep my car running, I have about eight more hours of work to do, and I have to pee. I had visions of walking the track while she was practicing but it’s 150 degrees and I’m still in my work clothes including my uncomfortable shoes. I have an awful time finding comfortable shoes. Maybe they’re not supposed to be comfortable and I should be wearing heels but I enjoy comfort over style anyway. These, however, are neither comfortable nor stylish but they are black. 

There is a shade tree and the most beautiful grass in front of me, I want to go lay in it and look at the clouds. 

 Tenderheart went on a bike ride with her boyfriend today and I told her to take a little blanket so they could sit at the park. She didn’t and she actually ended up coming home early because they got into a fight about where to eat. Awwww, young “love”. They bicker about the most ridiculous things. Things that I know will not mean anything in the grand scheme of things but feel like the whole world to my 15 year old.  This whole thing is teaching her what she wants from the next relationship though, right?  It’s all a learning process but still painful to watch. 

I’m sitting here watching, and her coach just vacuumed the whole court with this little contraption that sucks up tennis balls so no one has to pick them up. Rich people. Then Tenderheart texted me on her break that she quits. Oh great, I’m so glad I’m  sacrificing all my time for a quitter. I told her “NOPE.” 


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