Where I Remember Something Funny I Was Going to Say

So sometimes I blog in my head and have really funny stuff (you’ll have to trust me), but once it’s blogged in my head, it’s gone and I don’t remember it.  I have to blog to get it out of my head, but if I’m too lazy to actually type it, then it’s just for me.  This whole thing is probably just for me anyway.

When I was talking about the co-worker I love, like love-love, I was going to say I’d probably have a real chance if I didn’t look like a pigment-challenged Fiona at sunset.  Oh my gosh, and then I laughed and laughed.  You’ll have to figure it out on your own though, it’s thought provoking and funny, trust me.

I read that you don’t regret the things you did, you regret the things you didn’t do.  I regret all of it.  Tenderheart told me one day that her boyfriend, Marky Mark, wanted her to go to the reservoir with him and she didn’t because she wanted to stay home and nap.  She’s seriously like a hundred.  I told her that would be so cool and I would have loved to do that.  I reminded her that school is starting soon and she’s not going to be able to do stuff like that.  Then she got super excited about it and Marky Mark texted back and said his brother didn’t want to take them so they couldn’t go.  Well, there you go.

Every year when school starts, I try and do No TV Monday through Thursday.  By the time they get home from school or rehearsal or practice or work and get dinner and do homework, it’s almost time for bed.  When you add TV to the mix, something has to give and it’s usually school work.  It worked really well when Sunshine was a Senior in high school, but I got a little lax this last year for selfish reasons.  I love watching TV.  It’s really a sacrifice for me, but one that needs to be made.  I’d also like to start planning a menu again.  That’s so much easier than trying to figure out what’s for dinner every night.

Moonshine and I were walking through the grocery store last night bored.  We’re both just bored with everything.  When I do make dinner, no one eats the leftovers and I’ve been mad more than once this summer when someone complains that there’s no food in the house.  There’s food in the house, you just have to prepare it.  We have deli meat and eggs and cheese and bread and cereal and things you have to cook.  Stop with the whining.  OMG and I’ll make dinner and Moonshine will ask if she can have ramen.  Ummmm, eff no, you can’t have ramen, just eat our freaking dinner and/or leftovers.  And no one is stepping up to make dinners for everyone, they’re just complaining about what I’m making.

Then she made an announcement in the grocery store that she’s going to be a vegetarian.  Oh great, I feel like we’ve tried this before.  They made it three days before grandma took them to Braum’s and that vegetarian ride was over.  Braum’s really has good burgers though.  I told her in the grocery store, I was thinking about eating more meat to make up for any she stopped eating.

I need to do that 30 day cooking again because coming up with a different meal every single night is exhausting.  When they move out, I’m going to probably just have a grilled cheese every night.  I’m low-maintenance.  Oh, and grilled cheese is vegetarian so I’m going to be a vegetarian too!!


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  1. I swear, there are so many times that I think “Wow…Did I write that?”… I’m queen of brain blogging, no one else gets to be NEAR as entertained by me, than me. Mostly because I’m lazy too.
    I love the 30 day cooking thing, I’ve bought the cookbooks, printed out recipes, pinned everything to boards about it. Then I just…don’t. OR I live in one room for 2 years while selling my house and think “Oooooh, when I move I’m gonna do THIS, and this, and thiS, and tHiS….but probably? We’ll eat a lot of grilled cheese ourselves. While watching tv.

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