Lame Duck Parenting My High Schoolers

I know you’ve been waiting for weeks to see if Moonshine thanked me for making her go to her Latina/o Leadership Conference.  Not Shockingly, she did not.  She actually blasted me for making her go and said it was a waste of her time, time that she could have used more productively.  I told her to save all that angst for her college essay.

Do you ever feel like you’re just strolling along and everything is fine and then someone knocks you in the head and says, think again?  Yeah, me neither.  However, I pride myself on being a good parent until I remember pride is one of the seven deadly sins.


Because while I may think I’m a good parent, Moonshine would differ.  Of course, she differs with everything I say and/or think so it’s no surprise, but she’s really just biding her time before she’s gone.  And not in a hostile way, she loves me and we have great times, but I think notsofar under the surface she thinks my job is done and she could just move on.

I Facebooked this story, but we were in the grocery store and she said, “If something happened to you, I could take care of myself and one small child”.  First, what’s going to happen to me?  And second, where are you getting one small child??

We walked around the corner and this little Asian boy in a shopping cart waved at her and she pointed at him and whispered, “I could take care of you.”  I guess I know now where she’s getting one small child.

I really do think she thinks I’m a lame duck parent at this point.  She likes hanging out with me and when I pay for registration, but not so much when I try and tell her what to do and/or make decisions for her.

My mother would say I’ve lost control, and then she’d say, Never mind, you never had control.  And I’m sure I didn’t.  We all just do the best we can though, right?

About 15 times a night I do a little gesture as though I’m washing my hands, like “I’m washing my hands of you”.  I do it with Tenderheart because I try and give her advice on what she should do and she never listens to me.  Listen, I have some pretty good advice and if you’re not going to take it then I’m just going to save it for someone who cares.  Hello?  Anyone?  I’m going to find someone.  OMG, I should write an advice column for kids who don’t listen to their parents because they would totally listen to me.

And believe me when I say, I try to keep my opinions to myself.  I know I need to let them figure their own things out. And when I think they’ve heard enough and I still have more to say, I bite the inside of my mouth to stop it from spewing.  My cheeks are never going to make it three more years.


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