Co-worker Confidential

I have a co-worker I’ll call Mickey. We actually share an office but only overlap one day because we both work from home.  Thankfully, because she’s particular. She has to have the lights off and complete silence or she can’t work.  We have a call center outside our office door and sometimes she gets so mad she goes over and slams the door.  I don’t care, I have headphones and unless it’s just outrageously loud with people visiting or something, I leave the door open.  Because, when you close the door, the temperature gets to be in the 80s in this office.  And it’s because I work for a company who just moved into a new location without enough office space so our office is made for one person, not two people with a combined total of four computers.  It gets warm in here. But seriously, she likes working in a cave.

So she’s been complaining about her husband.  Yes, please tell me more about your husband.  He’s been through several jobs and none of them are good enough for her.  Everytime he starts looking for a new job, she’s in full gear, talking him through the interview, working on his resume, giving him directions.  She’s either his mother or the ultimate cheerleader.  She complained one day that he called her so many times during the day, she felt like she had to tell him “front to back” as though he didn’t know how to wipe.  But since I don’t have a husband, I relate it to my kids and the more I baby them, the more help they need, i.e. Tenderheart.  He’s a grown-ass man.

She hated his job, hated it.  So she “encourages” him to find another one, which he does.  First he gets a job here but doesn’t pass the quality test so he gets another one, but he has to be gone for training for a month.  A whole month.  How can you possibly be without your husband for a whole month?  She doesn’t think it’s possible.  Somehow she manages, but he comes back to visit twice in that time.  Mind you, she has both parents here for help with her two kids, she has other family here and her kids are on summer break and old enough to stay by themselves.  As I’m over here by myself with only my best friend Heather Holla! as a back-up, let me tell you how bad I don’t feel because you have one person out of town and only 6 other people to help you with your two kids.

Then, she looked at me and said, “I think about you all the time and how you don’t have anyone, I just don’t know how you do it.”


Moonshine has a co-worker and one day he said, “I feel really bad for kids who only have one parent because they don’t know the kind of love my parents have for each other and for me.”  Wowsers. He’s a real gem.


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