Summertime and the living is sleazy

I have a friend Faith who told me a story once about her choir singing Summertime and the living is easy but singing “the living is sleazy. The fish are humping and the people are high.”  I’ve never forgotten that story or heard that song quite the same again. 

Blogging from the orthodontist, hopefully for the last time. Tenderheart is getting her braces off and I am so excited. She might be too, but I’m so glad not to have to get off work in the middle of the day to take her to appointments. My grandpa used to take me to my appointments and fall asleep in the lobby. We would have to go wake him up to tell him it was time to go. It was embarrassing as a teen but now I find it adorable and wish I could just fall asleep wherever I wanted. 

So a lot has happened this summer. Tenderheart got a job. Sunshine’s spending a couple of weeks in Dallas and Moonshine is getting ready to go to a Latina/o leadership conference. You might think, but Moonshine’s not Latina/o, but she’s half. She doesn’t embrace that half, but I’m sort of making her go because it will be a good experience and out of her comfort zone.  She’s been too involved with work lately and I need her to get focused back on school.  She’s a senior and really wants to leave the state for college so she’s going to have to work hard to get that covered. 

Sunshine moved into an apartment by her college and took her bedroom furniture. That was more jarring than her just going to college. Once she took the bedroom furniture out of there it was like she doesn’t even live there anymore. We text every day but only talk on the phone a couple of times a week. Sometimes I miss hearing her voice so much. One day I told her I was going to need to hear her voice because I miss hearing it and she said, “I hear your voice in my head all the time.” Hopefully she hears good things and not just me saying, Are you out of your damn mind? 



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