Time keeps on slipping into the future…

Tenderheart only has two orthdontist appointments left so I’m blogging while I can. 

I went to a graduation yesterday to watch Moonshine sing.  

Can you see her?  

Graduation is so exciting. All those kids have made it and there’s so much promise in that diploma. Education is the answer, it’s the key to a better life. That’s what they tell them and I believe it. 

Moonshine told me she wants to go to a big college because she’s “an acquired taste”. She wants options, she wants to get lost in all her options, in a good way.  She wants to go far away and I’m terrified. What if she never comes home? What if she comes home and never leaves?  I secretly prefer that option. 

Sunshine’s getting an apartment this summer and wants her bedroom furniture so I’m going to have an empty room. It’s already starting, my nest is getting emptier.  She’s a Junior in college and she’s doing an internship at a crisis center this summer. Again, not coming home.  

One day it’s just going to be me and Tenderheart, but not sitting at the orthodontist.  

Transformation Wednesday from the first day of Freshman year to the last. 

Tenderheart is growing up so fast and no matter how much I baby her, she’s going to be gone soon too. 

And I say, good. Go. Don’t go away mad, just go away. Fly like the wind, Bullseye. Just don’t forget me. Don’t leave me behind. Take me with you in your work ethic and your kindness and your acquired taste because I’m an acquired taste as well, my friend.  I see a little bit of me in all of you and I swell with pride to think I made you.  



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