It is a small world after all.

This story is freaky. I used to work with a buffoon who was related to someone, as all buffoons are. I thought for sure I’d be gone before he was because that’s just how life works….sometimes.

So we finally got rid of the buffoon and I feel bad when someone loses their job, but it really wasn’t a good fit for him. And we’ve hired another guy who used to work for me as an independent contractor and now is an employee. He’s awesome. He’s a really hard worker and not a buffoon.

He’s about my age and I asked him if he and his wife had kids and he said, “We’re dog people.” Well, I’m a dog person too but I still had a couple, two or three kids. But he’s one of those dog people.

Don’t get all offended, you know the ones. I have dogs, but they are completely consumed with their dogs. They breed them and show them and their whole lives revolve around them. I’m not judging, I’m just stating facts here.

I feel like I need to give him a name because he’s going to yield some really good stories. I’m going to call him BC.

So BC was giving his life story and I was really busy that day so I was only half listening, but I heard him say, We moved around a lot and blah, blah, lived in Japan, blah, blah, England, and then we moved to Colorado because my dad was a biggity-big at the Acme Anvil Company.

And my ears perked up, Hey, my dad worked at the Acme Anvil Company!! And he said, Oh, but my dad retired in 1995 and I said, My dad retired in 1996. Then I said, “I wonder if they knew each other. I’d ask my dad but he’s dead.” Listen, I deal with everything using humor and/or shock value, sue me.

Anyway, I ended up asking my stepmom and it turns out that his dad, JC, but not THE JC, not only worked with my dad, but they used to go play trivia together in the early ’90s. How weird is that?

This guy has been working for me for 8 months and I had no idea we had any kind of connection. And both our dads retired before the Acme Anvil Company stopped making anvils and shut down. It’s a small, small world.


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