I Want to be a Part of It

I’ve written a couple of posts but one of them took a turn for the judgey so I’m going to rethink that one. And then it’s fall so I’ve been thinking about going “hobo on a train” more than normal. If you’re new, I make bad decisions in the fall. And if you’re super new, “hobo on a train” is exactly what it sounds like if you suspend the disbelief that I can jump a train.

People in this house got into a fight about lotion the other night. Lotion. And I went to dinner with my cousin Cindi and almost didn’t come home. She was looking at her watch and the Qdoba was closing but I wasn’t ready to leave.

There’s a dark deserted area on my way home from there that overlooks the base and I thought, I’ll just go park there for a bit and look at the stars and think. However, when I drove by there were three other cars parked there probably with mothers contemplating not going home. So I just went home. Luckily I drove slowly enough and everyone was asleep. Good. I didn’t want to even look at them!!

But on that slow drive home, I thought of where I’d go. Where can I just get lost? Can I just get on the highway and drive until I’m in train-jumping shape? And in my head, I went where I always go, New York. Where better to just get lost?

I’d go to the Met every single day and look at the old art until I’d seen it all.

I might even just sit on the steps.

I’d go to the MoMA, even though it’s not my favorite museum, just to stare at this until I get tired of it, if ever.


I’d walk through Central Park until I didn’t get lost. And I might even figure out who all the statues are.


I would walk every single street until I’ve seen it all. I’d see every show on Broadway and then work my way to off-Broadway. I’d walk across the Brooklyn bridge and sit and read The Great Bridge, which is the story of building the Brooklyn bridge.

I’d ride the subway end to end and maybe even fall asleep like Ross on Friends.

Although that doesn’t seem really safe.

But until then, I’ll be listening to bickering about lotion and who feeds the dogs more and who does more dishes and thinking about all the wasted time. And maybe someday we will find, that it wasn’t really wasted time.



  1. Change the MET to the NY Public Library and I’m in!
    Breathe and Reboot momma… even the fighting is something you’ll miss. I promise!

    • I know, I feel bad complaining, but it just gets overwhelming sometimes.

      • Noooooo! We all complain… I meant empty nest kind of miss it, not my personal brand of miss it. It’s the quiet you’ll feel strange in.

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