Happy 19th Birthday, Sunshine!

In honor of Sunshine’s 19th birthday, here’s an update on what she did from last year’s LIST:

1. Go to prison. – NOPE.  And now it’s too late because she’d lose her scholarship.  She’ll have to wait until she graduates college to begin her tour of prisons.
2. Buy cigarettes or cigars. NOPE. Thankfully.  
3. Two words: face tattoo. – Not the face!!1146707_10201855758651985_656449632940502865_n
4. How about some giant ear gauges or a nose barbell? Just in case you’re not unemployable enough. – no gauges, just the nose piercing.
5. Idiot tax – I mean buy a lottery ticket. – She hasn’t shared any of her winnings so I’m going to assume, No.
6. Get married!! Yay!! – Nope. Thank God!
7. Make your own medical decisions. – I did take her to the doctor and watching her try and fill it out the paperwork because “I’m 18 and can do my own now” was pretty hilarious.
8. Move out and pay your own bills. Yay!! – No, but she did spend her summer somewhere else and started paying her own car insurance so we’re getting closer.  Baby steps, I’m in no rush.

I think she had a good 18th year.  She and Moonshine hung out and went hiking.10458841_10202428038838632_3879501738182448204_n

She moved back to school into a cute little on-campus apartment.

10632722_10203835048349609_2207047509284110901_nAnd she’s not in jail.  Score!

So, this is the second birthday in 19 years she hasn’t been here. From the very first one when I held that little girl and told her to be patient with me because I had no idea what I was doing, to two years ago when I cuddled her awake to be the first one to wish her a happy 17th birthday. Too fast. Time goes too fast.

 10402412_10204024324481394_7319944535478548547_nHappy 19th Birthday, Sunshine!!



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