Last week when I was complaining about waiting over an hour to see the neurologist, my sister put it into perspective when she said, At least you’re not waiting 7 hours for chemo. And she’s right, I was being a brat. It’s all just exhausting.

Today I’m waiting for Moonshine to get an MRI and our morning started horribly. First, I came upstairs and no one had put last night’s dinner away. I get so frustrated that I have to make dinner, clean up after dinner, and do the dishes if I want them to get done. I’m done with that. Sandwich night forever until I get some help around here.

Then, I said we needed to leave at 6:40 to drop off Tenderheart and get across town to the MRI. I was sitting in the car at 6:40, alone. No one wants an MRI of my brain so I had to wait. I spend so much of my life waiting.

We were supposed to be here to check in at 7:15 and didn’t make it until 7:30 because of the traffic and weather. Thankfully they didn’t give her appointment away, and I’m just sitting here waiting and mourning my most perfect meatloaf that sat on the counter all night because no one put it in the fridge. That was going to make the best meatloaf sandwich you’ve ever seen.



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  1. Mom

    Yeah, you had a rough start. Love those meat loaf sandwiches!

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