I’d like to know when my hour starts

Shocking to no one, I had time to blog at the neurologist’s office yesterday.

I also had time to admire the art work.

Play with the Lincoln Logs.
I had time to take selfies and read magazines.


In fact, after almost dying in the tiny parking garage and filling out 30 minutes of paperwork, I could have taken a nap. The place we went also had a sleep disorder clinic so I’m sure they had some pretty comfy beds in there.

The doctor told me to expect an hour appointment, I didn’t realize most of that would be waiting for him.

And I would hate to be a doctor. You have random people listing out their ailments and he’s probably thinking, Shit, I don’t know. And I think unless you have rebar coming out your leg, it’s all just ruling things out.

So Moonshine gave him a lot of information, which he scribbled furiously, and he said, Hell if I know, let’s get her an MRI. And you know what that means, next Wednesday at 7:15 am, I’ll be blogging from the hospital while she gets an MRI. Yay me!! Seriously, my blogging places are just getting more and more exotic. Don’t be jealous.


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