Traveling Cheering Section for Hire!

So, according to my mother in the comments yesterday, I have way too much time on my hands. She has a valid point. But that was part of what my docuhunt was about. Those Bronies freaking love My Little Pony like nothing you’ve ever seen. The joy they get from immersing themselves in that culture was fascinating. Even the tiny penis guy, I just admired their passion. I don’t have passion for anything, and I new-testament envy people who do.

Ummm…that would be nothing.

When the swooper left and I had to raise three little girls and teach them to be humans, that’s all I did. According to one of my proposed documentary titles, She Used to be Cute, I could have gone out every night. I could have been a drinker or completely checked out of my life, but I worked and raised kids, because being with those girls was what I loved more than anything else in the world. The swooper was not interested enough to get any kind of custody, so they went to his house every other weekend until they started dropping like flies and didn’t want to anymore. But now that my little humans need less of me, what do I do?

Well, so far, I can settle down with a Bronie, or live in a tiny house, in a tiny community, preferably with a septic tank. I really have to figure out that toilet situation before I commit.

Second rule of Christy’s blog, you do not talk about Christy’s blog.

Moonshine is having a bit of an early life crisis. She wants to change her clothes, she wants to change her hair, she practically had a panic attack in Target because she didn’t know what style of sunglasses she liked. She is worried about making decisions that affect the rest of her life. Awwww, welcome to your junior year. I went through this with Sunshine and I just want to tell Moon to settle down and she’ll figure it out, but she can’t hear it yet. She thinks she needs to know what kind of person she is right now even though, truly, she’s still so young.

As I’m listening to her and letting her vent, I’m thinking, maybe I want to change my clothes and my hair and find out what kind of sunglasses I like. Maybe Moonshine wants to hobo on a train like I want to sometimes. I was almost out of high school when I started getting antsy and feeling like I needed to be anywhere but there. I keep telling her to hang in there, she’ll figure all that out, but I’m not a great example since I don’t know what I want yet.

I need to find my My Little Pony, my tiny house, my thing that I’m interested in. I have a FB friend from high school who runs half marathons all over the country. In 2013, she ran 14. That’s more than one a month, in case you couldn’t do that math. I wish travel was my thing. I could go all across the country cheering for my friend running half marathons. I mean, yeah, half marathons probably should be my thing, but it seems like a lot of work right now, I am still raising humans after all.



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  2. Mom

    And doing a great job!!!

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