What Should My Documentary be Called?

You know what I’m diggin’? An article that gets you with a list.
5 Ways to Use Coconut Oil
9 Things to Help you be Less Depressed
2 Things for a Healthier You
(eat less, move more)

They’re everywhere and I dig it. I love a good list. I get sucked in and have to know what are those 7 Positions to Better Yoga, or something like that.

4 Ways You’re Ruining Your Children(Just 4??)

6 Reasons Facebook Messenger Wants to Sneak in your Room at Night and Steal Your Soul (Okay, enough of that.)

Listen, you can’t put every shred of personal information online and be surprised when someone has your personal information, right? That’s rhetorical.

We are two weeks into the school year, Sunshine’s back safely at college, and I feel like we’re getting back into a rhythm.

Yesterday I watched three documentaries. 8 Reasons to Dig a Documentary. I like a good documentary. I wanted to watch the one about people who live in tiny houses. Like tiny, tiny. Anywhere from 86 to under 200 square feet.

Sign me up. I loved it. I loved how passionate they were about their tiny houses and I loved that their living room was the outdoors. They used solar panels and their carbon footprint was so small. Loved it. Did not love the compost toilet you spread peat moss in right next to your kitchen. In fact, as I watched the documentary I kept thinking, Tell me about the toilet situation. I’m going to need to know the logistics of the facilities before I sign up. And then it was just quickly at the end but I’m going to need to know more before I sell my kids belongings and sign up for a tiny house in a tiny community.

Second doc was Bronies. Oh Lord. This was about grown men who dig My Little Pony. I was surprised to find it was not sexual.

Quick story: Moonshine likes to come home and tell me about some interesting, read weird, people she encounters at her work. Then she always manages to get a dig in by saying, Even he/she was married. As though I couldn’t get the quality of guy wearing the short shorts and crop top to marry me if I wanted.

Cue Moonshine, who came home from school and I was telling her about my docfest and when I got to Bronies, she asked if the guys were married. And I had to begrudgingly tell her that some of them were and some of their girlfriends went to the conventions with them. And she said, Well, there you go. I have no idea what that meant but maybe she was saying I could get a Bronie if I wanted and there’s hope for me yet!! Probably not.

So as I was looking for the documentary I wanted about the tiny houses, I saw one on my Netflix suggestions for Christy called Unhung Hero. A quick check of the description told me that after a public proposal, and subsequent no, a guy was broken up with because of his tiny penis. Well, sign me up. On his quest to find out if size matters, I was mesmerized. MESMERIZED!!! I was also amazed to find out that in cultures where monogamy is the norm, the penises are smaller. One guess, not America. And who knew South Korea was the plastic surgery capital of the world with a renowned doctor who does penis enlargements, and apparently monogamy is very popular.

Anyway, good docs. My documentary is going to be called, She Seemed So Normal. Or 3 Reasons She Went Over the Edge. One more, She Used to be Cute. I’m going to work on that list.


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  1. Mom

    I’m thinking you have wat toooooo much time on your hands.

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