Where’s my bouquet of newly sharpened pencils?

It’s time for school!! Where, oh where, has summer gone? Moonshine’s a Junior, Tenderheart’s a Freshman, and I’m moving Sunshine back to school today. Except I’m not really. I’m moving Sunshine’s bins back to school today and meeting her where she lived all summer to get the rest of her stuff and move her back into the dorm.

What a difference a year makes.
At the end of this last school year while I was on my blogbatical, I put out a call to everyone I knew on social media for a place for Sunshine to stay near her school so she could work and take classes. Cue *crickets*.

I actually did get a couple of people to respond but nothing worked out. I was talking to my stepmom and mentioned that I needed to find somewhere for her to stay and she gave me the number of a friend she used to work with when she lived here. It was a miracle that it worked out and this family was so amazing that they went from letting Sunshine stay there until July 9th to letting her stay the entire summer. And she came home for a bit and went to Illinois for a leadership conference so she didn’t stay on their couch watching TV the entire summer, but it was close.

She texted me one day and said the husband came in two days in a row and she was just watching Castle. I told her to get off the sofa. But then she went hiking with the wife and genuinely had an amazing summer.

And as my friends were moving their kids to college for their first semester, I was remembering how it felt to move her last year and how hard it was. How her room was on the third floor and we didn’t have a fan and we didn’t know where to park and how it was utter chaos. How she took too much stuff and how we worried that she wouldn’t have enough. How much money we spent at Target and how her roommate took her side of the room even though they were assigned. How Tenderheart cried before we got to the stairs as we were leaving and how I cried all the way to the highway.

I’m in the second year now though and it feels different and it’s still exciting but it’s also less stressful because if she doesn’t have it, she can buy it. I felt like the first year, we had to make sure we took it like she was going to be on some deserted island and unable to live without a Sam’s club pack of toilet paper.

By the time Tederheart goes, I’m going to have this whole thing down, and I might not even slow down the car.


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  1. Mom

    I’m crying now just thinking about,last year!!!

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