Here’s me, not giving up on life.

A couple of months ago, Tenderheart and I attended 9th grade night at the high school she wanted to attend. On the way there she told me not to make people mad with my driving or accidentally hug anyone. I did both things. Apparently she thinks I’m some ogre who can’t drive and throws myself at people. There’s a little truth in it.

Last night was Athletic night at the high school, which was supposedly mandatory so Tenderheart and I made our way to the meeting. First, we got to the parking lot where she told me I couldn’t park in the spot I was parking in. I seriously wonder how she thinks I get around when she’s not with me. I wonder if she thinks I just sit in the parking lot after dropping her off waiting for her to tell me what to do next.

Second, we found a seat and a couple walked in that I know. I’ve been in this school district for 14 years, I’m going to know people. I said hi to the wife and she said hi and waved. But then the husband was behind her and I paused on his name because I didn’t remember it right away. Then I said, Hi, your name here, and he gave a small wave and a quiet hi because you could tell he didn’t quite remember where he knew me from. I’ll be honest, it was a little awkward. Par for the course. Tenderheart said I should just stop and give up on life. Well, that’s a little harsh. Give up on my whole life?? I didn’t and then the guy who was there to talk to us about being good sports and not fighting at sporting events said, Look over at your spouse and talk about that for a minute. I looked over at Tenderheart and she said, Awwww, wa wah. As though I’d lost at some game show instead of at life. I’d only feel slightly worse if she carried around a gong every time we left the house.

And I know it’s a day late and a few dollars short but I’m awarding her the Peach Punching title of the week. Next week I’ll tell you about the latest in a series of POSs the swooper keeps giving Sunshine. In the meantime I’m going to try and not give up on life.



  1. Rhymes with Bamber

    Tender heart my a**! Lol, my mom would be calling me tender behind if I said anything like that to her! Haha you guys are hilarious!

  2. Mom

    You just hang in there and remember who brought who into this world in the first place!!!!

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