Don’t Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

I have a story but for this story I have to remind people of Christy’s blog rules. First rule of Christy’s blog, you don’t talk about Christy’s blog. Second rule of Christy’s blog, you do not talk about Christy’s blog. Look, I’m all about you telling me how funny, charming, or amazing I am, but that’s it.

Moonshine dated this guy towards the second half of her freshman year and he was her best friend at the time. She had ended a bad relationship before Christmas and it seemed like she started dating this guy when school came back in January. He was fine. All I knew about him was he was her best friend and then he asked her out. It didn’t last long. I want to call him Uranus, but he shall be forever known as Rob.

So she broke up with Rob but they were still best friends. Yay, summer and then sophomore year started. Rob was working up his courage to ask Moonshine out again when a senior asked her out. Don’t worry, they didn’t make it to Homecoming but Rob was pissed. He stopped talking to her but in a much more dramatic way. He moved out of all the classes he had with her, called her names, flinched when anyone mentioned her name, basically had a breakdown. Moonshine said, I can promise you, I’m not that awesome.

Slow forward to the first day of junior year and Rob tells a mutual friend he’s ready to be Moonshine’s friend again. Gee, thanks. And I’m not saying he’s all to blame, but I told her it was a bad idea. Been there, done that, I don’t think he’d be fine just being friends. She told him it wasn’t a good idea and that he really hurt her when he was so mean. But they have three classes together so I told her she could be cordial but not like best friends again. He said he was better now. Back and forth, back and forth until he said, just think about it. That was all the first day of school.

Second day of school, Rob has moved out of all three classes he shared with Moonshine and he’s back to not talking to her. Dude, it’s not her, it’s you. Stop it. Stop it right now!! I told her she needs to find some besties without testes and she said she’s not down with ovaries. What’s even going on here?

Dude, I’m not that awesome!


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  1. Mom

    Wow, can hardly wait til Friday. Rob better be careful, new boyfriend could kick some butt before he leaves for college!!!

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