My advice to you: Stop Freaking Out

This was supposed to be my letter to my youngest daughter on her first day of high school. Just know, it did not go well. She woke up late so this is the only picture I got of her and it was taken by Heather (holla!)

Tenderheart sure looks happy for someone who just got yelled at for piddling around and running late. That picture is going on her graduation cake.

This was Moonshine on her first day as a Junior.

She was supposed to wear her student council shirt but it clashed with her new maroon pants. That was certainly short-lived.

And her day was great and Tenderheart’s day was awful. I’m going to list Tenderheart’s bad day in no particular order.

1. She has no friends in first period.
2. The crack whore next door sends her kid to that school.
3. She sat in the wrong class and the teacher took her to the hall but didn’t show her where the right class was so she started freaking out.
4. A member of the transition team found her and told her to stop freaking out. — this is where I told her it was pretty bad if a perfect stranger told her to stop freaking out.
5. Everyone…I’m sorry, EVERYONE is in “leadership” which she gave up to be in the business program.
6. Reverse skunk head looked at her a little too long. — I don’t even know what that means.
7. She’s grounded from her phone. —She sure is.

Awwww, there’s always tomorrow!!

You may remember last year at Moonshine’s Back to School night, I complained about the horrible turnout. They scheduled it during a Broncos preseason game and while I don’t care, apparently a lot of people did. So this year, they planned better, advertised, and told parents how important it is to be involved. Oh no, I’m sorry, they cancelled Back to School night. So the one night when I can go class to class and meet Moonshine’s teachers has been cancelled because they only average a 17% turnout. Well, I’m one of the 17% who care about my kid and her teachers, why am I punished because 83% of the parents don’t care. Isn’t there a way to get more parents to care rather than just giving up? How about everyone who wants to go, RSVPs and only those teachers stay?

And I’ll be honest, it’s been bleak and I’ve been there when only one other parent is in the class for the presentation but there has to be a better way. I’m so pissed off and thankful at the same time that Tenderheart isn’t at that school. And I’m immensely grateful for the amazing teachers Moonshine has because if it wasn’t for that, I’d have moved her last year.


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