Because I Said So!!

Moonshine and I have been having the same fight for four days in a row about her class schedule. Not constantly for four days but every time I’ve brought it up over the last four days, it ends in a fight. I wish I could just say, Because I said so. Bam!! I would like to throw down my microphone and yell Bam as I’m walking out the door. I made her cry tonight and I feel bad but it’s all exhausting. I’ve never wanted to check out more. And I don’t mean die, I mean go hobo on a train.

So I promised I’d tell you three more times about my yard sale. You know, there’s something so demeaning about having people go through your things and give them a price. Your goods are splayed out on your driveway at rock-bottom prices and someone walks up and wants to pay even less. I know it’s a game but I don’t like to play.

This group of women walked up with my Corningware and a bunch of really nice glassware. I said it was a dollar a piece, so six dollars. The woman screamed, Aye yi yi and slapped herself on the head, told another woman how much it was, and they put it all back all the while speaking in Spanish what I’m sure were some not-so-nice things.

But that was the one bad experience from the two days. A group of three older women came and looked through our jewelry, one of them sorted it out for us actually, and she told us they were all three sisters. I said that gives me hope that my three girls will get along well enough to go yard saleing at some point and she laughed.

And of course, I live in Colorado so the obligatory high guys came through and one of them walked directly up to Heather (holla!) and shook her hand. Then they walked around as we laughed at them and before they left they said they’d come back later and hang out with us and then yelled, She’s pretty! I said he was obviously talking to me, Sunshine said it was obviously her, but we all knew it was really for Moonshine.

And I’ve found about twelve more things I wish I would have sold, but the joy of boxing everything up at the end and taking it to goodwill was so freeing.

And I got rid of a lot of stuff but the rest will have to wait because I’m not doing another yard sale. Aye yi yi!!



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