Enjoy the Sidelines

You know those people who won’t get on board with a decision because they want to sit in the back and say, I told you so, if something doesn’t go right? Is that just my life? That role is being played by the swooper right now as he actively doesn’t support my decision to send Tenderheart to a different high school. He thinks it’s going to be inconvenient. Oh, it is, but for whom? Is it inconvenient to attend two different back to school nights? You’ve never been to one. Is it going to be hard going to activities at two different schools on the same night? You only talk to one of your high school aged daughters.

It’s only inconvenient for me and I made the decision, so what do you care? Do you care that the school Tenderheart is going to is a better fit for her? Do you care that the high school where Sunshine went and Moonshine is still going has lost a lot of teachers and isn’t as good a school as the one Tenderheart will be going to? Do you care that she got in the business program and on the poms team? No, because you don’t know what’s going on or what’s best for her.

And I know it’s not monkey-bashing Thursday but I’m registering Tenderheart for high school today and as recent as last night, the swooper was telling her he wished she was going somewhere else. And something might go wrong with this whole decision and she might hate it and have a hard time adjusting but I’m going to know that I weighed all the pros and cons and made the best decision based on what Tenderheart needs. And at least I made a decision, one of at least a million you have to make as a parent. Enjoy the sidelines, swooper, I’m on the front line.
Four More Years


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