Biblical Plague Crickets

Let’s get ready for a yard sale!! I live in a culdesac and I’ve never had a yard sale here because it’s hard to get traffic into a culdesac. A few weeks ago I sent out a flyer to all my neighbors to let them know I was having a yard sale and to see if anyone else was interested in participating. *crickets*. Then a few days ago I sent out another, even bigger flyer to let them know I was still planning on having my yard sale and to let them know I’d take care of the signs and advertising. *biblical plague crickets*. So it looks like it’s just me and Heather (holla!) who I couldn’t do it without and that should totally be enough. 😬

I took some stuff to my cousin Cindi’s yard sale a few years ago and on the way there I sent Moonshine into the grocery store with $20 to get change. She came out with two 10s. Hmmm… She’s a free thinker.

As I was finding stuff to sell, which wasn’t hard at all, I found an envelope of “love” letters from the swooper. We separated after Sunshine was born and he wrote me letters every day saying every sweet thing he could come up with to get me back. This is what we did with the letters.

And then we held hands and contemplated our lives. At least that’s what I was doing.

Sun and Moon Shine went hiking twice this week.

I would tell you how much they’re getting along but I don’t want to jinx it. And as I was making them get yard sale stuff together, it all fell apart anyway and everyone went to bed mad. Oh well.

Wish me luck on my yard sale!! I’m sure you’ll only have to hear about it three more times. You’re welcome!!


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