Step Two is a Yard Sale!!

For the second step towards living my Minimalist Lifestyle (first step was getting rid of the piano), I’m having a yard sale this weekend. I’d post my address if I thought any of my readers would come and buy some junk awesome stuff.

Sunshine just said, We have an unhealthy relationship with things. And all because I wouldn’t let Moonshine get rid of the “B”.

But without the “B”, there’s no Toby.

Where do you keep your clutter? You may be one of those people who doesn’t have clutter, who pays their bills as they get them, who files their important papers in a timely manner. Well, good for you!! I am not that person, and my bills sometimes pile up. And when I have company, I end up hiding them in this:

Then I put that in another room away from prying eyes and just keep adding to it. So the other day I decided, enough is enough. I have to face it, confront them, and shred what has already been paid or I don’t need. And when I got to the bottom of the bin, this was waiting for me:

I have never seen that in my life but it sure summed up how I was feeling.

Sunshine housesat for the swooper last weekend. On Saturday night she hung out with me but then it got dark so we decided I’d go with her to let his dogs in, we’d go to Sonic for a drink, and then come home and watch another movie. I said I’d wait in the car when she went to his house.

I’m sitting in front of his house and she calls me panicked. I couldn’t understand what she was saying but I heard a few words, “Mouse”, “please”, “help”. I said, “Sunshine, I don’t want to go in there.” And she started crying so I went. Apparently she’d walked into the kitchen without turning the light on and the dog had brought in a dead mouse. Yuck. At least it was dead though. She must have walked right over it.

She was crying and up on a counter. I turned on the light and told her to get me the dust pan. She said, Where is it? I said, I don’t live here. We took care of that and by we, I mean I took care of it, and as I was walking out I saw that he has birds. Birds? He used to have piranha so maybe birds is a step in the right(?) direction. Who has birds?

Anyway, two birds named after them.
Dumb and Dumber

I’m kidding, I don’t know what their names are or what kind of birds they are; but I walked over, made eye contact, and slowly said, Christy. Say, Christy.



  1. I tried minimalist, it didn’t go so well, I just kept buying stuff to replace the stuff. Like a reward for being so good and minimalistic.

  2. carikelley

    I am a pseudo minimalist. Or a wanna be. But I live w a man who throws NOTHING away. not even actual trash.
    I was just ranting this weekend about the important stuff being mixed in with the junk. “How am I supposed to pay the important bills when they are mixed with the other crap that finds its way into my piles?!”
    I feel your pain, but I was more than happy to help with the piano!! 🙂

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