All is right in the world

In About Time, a highly underrated movie in my opinion, the sister said, “Maybe, just maybe, I’m the faller. Every family has, like, someone who falls, who doesn’t make the grade, who stumbles, who life trips up. Maybe I’m our faller.”

I’m the faller. How can I be 34, if you’re dyslexic, and still falling.

At my job I’m overused and underpaid. What is it never the other way around. Wouldn’t you rather be overpaid and underused? Does anyone have that job? And we’re busy quarterly, like crazy busy, but I love my job and two days a week, this is my view.

Also, I’m still hourly so two words: overtime pay, but do you know how hard it is to stay awake next to that all day? Let me tell you.

We dogsat Heather (holla!)’s dog last week so our cat needed a personal escort downstairs to eat and then back upstairs to bed every day. It looked similar to this.


And I’ve been forgetting my retro picture of the week so I’m going to throw that in now. 20140717-231932-83972123.jpg
Christmas 2009

We went to play tennis tonight but it was late so we had to go to courts with lights. I said it before that my friend and I used to take our kids to the tennis courts at night and play until the lights went off at 11:30 and pack up and go home. So I told the girls we didn’t have to rush, I made dinner, relaxed after work, and we went to the courts…the courts where the lights don’t work. Great. Thanks, City, for maintaining the courts so well. *sarcasm*

And finally, Sunshine is home from college for a week.

She’s housesitting for the swooper while he takes his family camping and then she’s hanging out with me before she goes to a leadership conference in Illinois. So for a very short time, all my ducks are back in a row and all is right in the world.



  1. Mom

    Miss my girls

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