Peach Punching Thursday

Has anyone missed swooper-bashing Thursday? I know I have!!

I have looked a little too long for a Facebook conversation between me, Oh! Canada, and someone I’m going to call Birdie about why it’s Peach Punching Thursday. But just know it was high-larious!!!

I went to dinner with my Cousin Cindi and her adorable twins and they are so funny. On the way home I told Tenderheart she should get a card for her dad’s birthday before she goes on the infamous camping trip this weekend, and she and her friend Minnie were talking about what kind of card she’d even get him. I almost couldn’t drive because I was laughing so hard. And a new greeting card line was born.


Tenderheart said, he always gets me cards and writes something mushy in it, what would I even say? Then she said, I should write, Thank you for being the best mom dad! I said, you should write, You’re the best dad I have. Glass half full, right?

The swooper has called me three times to ask for my address. Seriously, isn’t once enough? And what are you doing? Are you stealing my identity? I can promise you, you don’t want it. Are you sending a hitman? What’s going on? I asked him and he said, Oh I thought I needed it and then I didn’t. I wonder if that guy has ever told me the truth about anything. I’ve known him for 24 years and he’s probably told me the truth never. I used to spend too much time wondering why, and now I try to have as little contact as possible.

But really, is it because he loved me too much that he lied not to hurt me? Or is it because he hated me so much that he wouldn’t waste the truth on me? I like to think he’s just a sociopath who can’t tell the truth to anyone, but it’s still baffling.

And if you’re wondering, shortly after he didn’t need my address, I got a letter that he was filing bankruptcy and if he owes me child support, I’ll have to go to the court to get it. I called him and asked him what it meant and why he didn’t just tell me and he said, “What are you talking about? I’m not filing bankruptcy.” 😕



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