Kickstart my Heart

This entire post is going to sound horrible. Just know that going in.

So I was thinking how to fund Moonshine’s YOF I mentioned Monday and then I read an article about the guy who had a Kickstarter or other crowd funding site to make a good potato salad and ended up raising $44,000. What’s wrong with people? And I thought, I should totally do that. But then, it’s supposed to be for real people with real problems, right? And if I crowd funded at all it would be to get out of my crippling debt, and then I could afford a trip to the US Open.

I was given too much change at Mcdonalds once. No one can do math anymore. I had three little girls, traveling across Kansas around Christmas and I stopped at a Mcdonalds that only took cash, it was a long time ago. Anyway, my bill was $16.something, I gave her $20, and she gave me back $16.something. I told her, I don’t think that’s right, but I couldn’t remember what the original bill was. She assured me it was right and quickly gave me my food. I could tell she was trying to do the math but just couldn’t manage. I felt awful and ended up giving that $16 that wasn’t mine to a bell ringer. The point of that is, I couldn’t spend $44,000 that I raised under the guise of trying to make a good potato salad although I would like to try.

And then I remembered a story about Moonshine and the police station. When my girls were younger and they showed an interest in something, I would try and find someone who would take them to observe whatever they wanted to do. For instance because that sentence was totally confusing, Sunshine thought she wanted to be a doctor. So I had a friend whose husband is a doctor and he took Sunshine to work with him one day to observe. She was able to see part of a knee replacement and realized it wasn’t for her. She was looking for a little more Grey’s Anatomy and a little less actual blood.

Then, she thought she wanted to be a lawyer, so my friend Anna’s boyfriend at the time took her to a class at the law school he was attending. She loved it. I still think she’d make a good lawyer, but we’ll see.

So around that time, Moonshine said she might want to work for the police. I don’t even remember how I got hooked up with this person, I may have just called the nonemergency number to see if I could bring Moonshine for a tour of the police station, but the guy I talked to said he generally only gives private tours to kids who are sick, like cancer sick. I remember that part because I made sure he knew she wasn’t sick, I’m not a monster, and he let us come for a tour anyway. However, I don’t think he told the other detectives because I got a couple of, How are you holding up? comments and Moonshine got some “poor thing” looks as we walked through the police station. It didn’t occur to me at the time, but I think all those other people thought he only brought sick kids through so Moonshine must have been one of them. Then later one of the detectives gave our number to a friend who was a single mom and she gave us a hand-me-down bike. And I’m apparently not one to turn down a free bike.

But Moonshine was able to meet a K-9 unit and see a CSI crime lab and had the time of her life even though I’m sure she doesn’t want to be a cop anymore and even though she didn’t have cancer.


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