In the Most Loving Way

Something you might have missed when I was on my blogcation is that my sister and Tracie bought Moonshine a car.

It was such a blessing because that meant I didn’t have to deal with the swooper like I did, and still do, with Sunshine’s car, and Moonshine can now drive herself to work. And bonus, she doesn’t have to pretend to like him since they haven’t spoken in probably a year. I look back and cringe when I think, I had kids with that guy, but I digress…

The other night Moonshine came home late from a Rockies game she went to with Allyn. She walked in and said her car was beeping.

Wait, here’s how it went:
Moonshine: My car is beeping.
Me: What did you do?
MS: I closed the door and it stopped.
Me: Did it stop or you just couldn’t hear it anymore?
MS: *thinking*. Hmm, I don’t know, let me go check.
Me: *waiting patiently*
MS: Yeah, the lights were still on.

Kids are idiots. I mean that in the most loving way. I was an idiot. Here was my first car.

It was a 1977 Cutlass Supreme my mom bought from my Aunt Lahoma. I loved that car. I loved everything about it. But I was an idiot.

I once said I thought I heard something squeaking and my grandma said, You can fix that by turning up the radio. She was hilarious.

I used to call it my little 4×4 because it could get me out of anything and home before curfew, except when it didn’t. For instance, when I high-centered it at the lake because I couldn’t see where I was backing up. Or when the battery died because we were making out and I didn’t think to start it.

One time I drove down this particularly hilly street with too many kids in the car and I turned the lights off while everyone screamed. One of my side mirrors flew off and I thought I’d hit something. I was an idiot. And in all fairness and despite being an idiot, I grew up in a much smaller town and it was a different time, however, I know I’m lucky to be alive.

I was driving home one night and was going to be late for curfew so I was speeding. And my car started smoking but I couldn’t be late. This is what we did before cell phones. So I just kept going. And then my car started filling up with smoke so I just rolled down the windows. And then my car just stopped going completely. I broke down in front of a honkytonk joint and had to go in and use the payphone to call my mom. I must have called my boyfriend too because he and his dad showed up to tow it someplace. What an idiot. That car would have caught on fire and I’d have still been trying to make my curfew.

I told Moonshine, With great power comes great responsibility, but all you can really do is pray, right? Pray you taught them enough, pray they listen to some of it, and pray they keep it off the sidewalks.

As I was waiting for this to post, I remembered another story. I went cruising with some random girl named Kendra. We weren’t friends, she was a year younger, and I have no idea why we were hanging out. “Cruising”. Gaw dang I grew up in a small town. I can’t even imagine what that looks like here. Anyway, I was cruising with Kendra and I saw someone I knew so I got out of my car and got in their car, and then just left. Kendra, who didn’t have a license BTW just scooted over and started driving my car. Problem was the people I got in with were going the other way and couldn’t get turned around so there went unlicensed Kendra with my car. No cell phone to tell her to wait in the Sonic parking lot!! I was an idiot.

So a couple things, can you imagine what my mom thought when I came home without my car but before curfew? Ummmmm, thanks for being on time but where the hell is your car? And two, can you imagine Kendra’s mom when she just came home with someone’s car and no driver’s license? She was barely 15 and had no license!!! I don’t think we were friends long after that.


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  1. Mom

    So thankful you have girls of your own! At this age, my age, that’s a lot of information. I did love that car!!!

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