Where Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

I love Wimbledon. My sister and I used to get up early and watch it every year. I love playing tennis. We also used to walk to the water plant in the Oklahoma summer and play on their courts. I don’t miss that humidity.

I’ve taught all three girls to play. Well, I taught them the basics and I’ve taken lessons with Sunshine. I love that we can all four play together.

Moonshine and I got up early and watched Wimbledon this year and it brought back so many memories of doing it over the years. Moonshine is on the high school team and wants to get better this year so we’ve been playing a lot in addition to her team getting together for summer practices. She’s gotten really good but I’m trying to find a coach through the city to work on her serve and backhand since she doesn’t listen to a word I say anymore. 20140712-012641-5201250.jpg
Here they are not listening to me.
We watched a documentary on Venus and Serena and it was fascinating. Their dad wouldn’t take any of Moonshine’s crap. He’d whip her right into shape with his grocery cart full of tennis balls. That whole story is just amazing and there’s so much I didn’t know.

For my new reader, I decided years ago that when my kids were 14 I would take them on a trip, just the two of us. Sunshine and I went to New York and had an amazing time. 20140712-011100-4260355.jpg
I was that mom.
I called it their YOF, year of fourteen, because I’m not original at all. And there are some rules, they have to be getting good grades and they have to still like me.

Right before Moonshine’s YOF, I lost my job. I remember telling the girls at dinner that I lost my job and through my sobs trying to reassure them that everything was going to be okay. I’m still waiting for it to be okay, and I’m still trying to recover financially from that time. It was devastating. I think at that dinner Moonshine asked what that meant for her YOF, but Sunshine told her to stop. It was a fair question, but I just wasn’t prepared to answer it. I tried to convince Moonshine that me chaperoning her choir to NYC was her YOF, but she wasn’t buying it. Don’t even get me started on Tenderheart’s YOF.

So back to Wimbledon. I was watching with Moonshine and she said, My YOF can be a trip to the US Open tennis tournament in New York, and my interest was piqued. She wants me to take her back to New York for a tennis tournament. I looked it up and it’s end of August, beginning of September so this year is out for sure, but I told her I’d definitely look at it even if it has to be her YOS, year of seventeen or YOE, year of eighteen. How cool would that be!! I need my promotion and pay raise to come through quickly.


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