Good Talk

What a week! I’ve had some really big wins at work lately and then today I met with the CFO who gave me a reality check. I’ve been running a department since my boss Helga went out with cancer and I don’t yet have the title or the money, but I’m still working my ass off because I love my job. However, the first thing the CFO said, without looking at me, was, I don’t like your department. Mmmm’kay?? Good talk.

First of all, the meeting was at 10 and at 10:30 he was still a no-show. My boss and I then walked down to his office where he was just sitting there so we asked if we could meet now. He wanted the meeting and then didn’t show up. Anyway, it was as productive as you’d expect and I left feeling about as confused as when I walked in there so, Success!!

It turns out he thought my department did work for free without billing clients. false. And that we had a bunch of deadbeat clients who defaulted on the payments we weren’t billing. false. And when asked what clients he was talking about, he didn’t have any specifics. true. Again, good talk. Thanks.

Last Friday I went to see Sunshine and took her to see Edge of Tomorrow. Actually she took me because I left my purse at home and only had $10 in my pocket.


Sunshine is staying with a family friend down by her college so she could keep working and taking classes this summer. She’s home next week for a week and then she goes to a leadership conference in Illinois for a week. Summer’s almost over and I haven’t hardly seen her.

So Edge of Tomorrow, great movie. I loved it. However, I wish we would have left about ten minutes before the ending because they pussed out and I hated how it ended, but the rest of the movie was great. If I ever watch it again, I’m going to turn it off or leave where I thought it should have ended. You should be able to do that.

Moonshine seems to think the animals love when she straddles them. They don’t.


They do like using her as a pillow though.


We played tennis tonight. I have a whole Wimbledon blog percolating so I’m not going to say much but Tenderheart’s been taking lessons and she did really well. She even got a couple past Moonshine and that doesn’t happen often.

It’s always touchy trying to teach your kids anything. I taught them how to play tennis until I realized it was better left to the “professionals” or the city rec league people. There comes a time during us playing where Moonshine has heard “follow through” enough times that she starts to turn on me. I can see it in her face and I stop talking. Sometimes I clarify if we’re to that part of the game only to get a ball spiked in my direction. I’m sure it’s completely accidental except that it’s not. I need the Williams’ dad to come over here and whip these kids into shape.


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