Drive-in Movie Memories

I went to the drive in movie over the weekend. Is it me or did the screen used to be bigger?

I’ve been going since I was a kid because there was one right by my house. I remember watching Grease. I also remember my mom and aunt taking my sister and two cousins with a little porta-potty so we wouldn’t have to go to the shady bathrooms.

My friends and I went in high school to one across town, and I distinctly remember one time I was looking up at the sky and I realized I had to get out of there. Not the drive in, but the town. I just had to go somewhere.

When I moved to Colorado, they had one over by an old mall my dad used to take us to, but I don’t remember actually going to it until I was pregnant with Sunshine. Then we took the kids all the time when they were little because it was convenient and cheap.

It’s a novelty. I think everyone remembers going to one from their childhood. There was an article about the one left in Denver and everyone has been flocking to it apparently. We went on a Sunday night and it was crowded. Like super crowded. And really classy people like always. The woman we parked in front of threatened to kick our ass if we didn’t move over because she “couldn’t see”. It really is a poor set up, but her group of kids was the loudest during the whole movie so I’m sure she was passed out and not even watching.

The people in front of us weren’t paying attention to their toddler who almost smashed his hand in the trunk, and when a good Samaritan yelled, watch your baby, the male figure yelled back, he’s fine. And then another toddler almost got run over just trying to get back to her family. I wonder how many times that happens.

The one I used to take my kids to had a little amusement park to keep the kids entertained. Moonshine must have been just a little over one and she loved this toddler carousel. Like loved. She had to ride this thing over and over, but as you can imagine it wasn’t very safe. It would jerk to start and unless the toddlers were holding on tightly they would be thrown back. Well, she’s always been a great listener, except she hasn’t, and I was behind the toddler fence telling her to sit down and hold on but it started before she was ready, and she fell back and hit her head. I’m sure it was no correlation, but they closed that area down shortly after that.

And I looked like some kind of newbie because my battery died. I started my car between movies, but I had to go to the bathroom and didn’t have that little porta-potty so I didn’t leave it started very long. And my battery just didn’t have enough in it to make it through Transformers 75, but I didn’t either because we left halfway through. Now I’ll never know if they got the flux capacitor fixed and made it back to their planet. Dang it!!

And unlike 85% of the people there, I had to work on Monday, luckily it was from home because I was exhausted.


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  1. Whitney

    There’s still a drive in in Colorado? I know there’s one in Fort Collins but where did you go? Wow memories of drive ins- My first recollection was when my parents took us. I think we saw the Exorcist once and then Jaws. I was very young and those movies are engraved in my mind! The best part when we were little was the playground that was there and the huge bag of homemade popcorn and snacks my Mom would bring. Plus it was fun to put on your PJ’s for an outing. Although kids wear their PJ’s every where now a days! I remember going to the drive in in High School. I had a 1970 Impala and could fit a lot of kids in my car (huge trunk and all) since they charged by the car load back then. Totally different memories than when I was a kid for sure but we won’t go there! I think the only time I went to a drive in as an adult we saw Jurassic Park so that had to be a long time ago. They do Movies in the Park in HR but that’s not quite the same experience.

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