Happy Independence Day!

Neither my body nor my animals understand it’s a holiday. The older I get, the less I can sleep in. I remember sleeping until noon or later when I was a kid, but now if I can get to 8, Success!! I actually thought this morning, if I get up now I can nap before I go see Sunshine.


Happy Fourth of July!! What are you doing today? My family is glamping together in Texas, Tenderheart is going to the infamous lacrosse game that I declined with the swooper, Moonshine is working, and I’m going to a movie with Sunshine.

I went to a pre-Fourth party, aka Happy July 3rd, last night and met a guy who was vaguely familiar. Like a doppelgänger for a series of other guys I’ve met. He would say something and I would think, Oh, that reminds me of so and so. And then Moonshine showed up and said something funny and he said, Will you marry me? And I said, She’s 16. In all fairness he was drunk and it was dark. He was nice though and got my Indiana Jones reference of He chose poorly/wisely and no one ever gets that!!

I’m not a crazy fan of fireworks. However, I’m not this bad:

I love that we use fireworks to celebrate our independence and all, but I had a tragic childhood accident when I was a child, and it gives me a little anxiety now. I probably have the story all wrong but I grew up when fireworks weren’t illegal and your whole neighborhood would come out and set them off in the middle of the street. I was hit in the cheek with a pop bottle rocket. It was traumatizing. I also have some vague memory of a spinning thing setting my neighbor’s curtains on fire.

I have a fear of fire though. I should look up the term for that. I’m the opposite of a pyromaniac. The two worst deaths I can think of are fire and water. Anything where I can’t breathe freaks me out. I’m not sure how I went from happy fourth to bad deaths, but I’m taking deep breaths to reassure myself I can breathe.

Tenderheart kicked me yesterday. In all fairness, she’s a burrower and was laying on the couch, trying to get her feet under me, and it’s annoying. So I grabbed her feet and tickled them and she hauled off and kicked me. It hurt so bad. But then she walked into the kitchen and fell on her face. I’d like to say I didn’t laugh hysterically.

I’d also like to say I didn’t laugh hysterically when the little boy ran head first into the closed back door last night. It would have been slightly less funny if the door would have broken, but that thunk was so loud. And I was laughing with him, I’m sure he laughed later.

Speaking of naps, Moonshine likes to think and nap. She’s a multitasker.

She would murder me in my sleep if she saw that picture. Another bad death. Notice that her phone is never very far away from her.

And finally, in honor of Sunshine getting some amazing scholarships and declaring her independence from student loans, at least for this year.

Enjoy your day and hug a veteran or something!


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  1. Oh Canada!

    Literal LOL at Tenderheart falling and you laughing hysterically. It’s like we are the same parent with zero sympathy! 😉

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