What’s Mine is Not Always Yours

What I’ve discovered as a parent is nothing is yours anymore. Your time, your body, your food, nothing. They take over everything like mold in a hoarder’s house. I think that’s what was shocking to me when I became a parent. You don’t go to the bathroom alone. What are you eating, can I have some? Where are you going, can I go? What are you watching, can we watch Lion King for the millionth time?

When Sunshine was little, she had to watch Lion King every day after I got her home from daycare. Every.Day. And it was old school, on a VCR. What’s a VCR, grandma Christy? One day there was a thunderstorm and lightening struck close to our house and the VCR froze or exploded or ate the tape or just died from electrocution. The rest of the night and every day after for about two weeks Sunshine would say, “Where Simba go?” And I would have to tell her, he died. I’m sorry, Simba died. And there would be tears and crying and choruses of Where Simba go? over and over. Okay, maybe I didn’t say he died, but it was exhausting.

Back on track, as a parent I’m used to nothing being my own, but Moonshine has been poking around Sunshine’s room and claiming items as her own and Sunshine’s not digging it. And I completely get it. I don’t want you coming in my room and poaching things you don’t think I’m using. Who cares if I’m using it or not, it’s still mine. It started with Sunshine’s record player she didn’t have room to take to college. Moonshine claimed it as her own and didn’t even ask. World War S around here. It was bad.

Another pet peeve I have is when you are a dick to me but then you want something. For instance, when you walk in the room and don’t even speak to me but then get all sweet when you need a ride somewhere. No.
I could be talking about anyone.

So Moonshine called and asked if she could have Sunshine’s tennis bag because you “never use it”. I’d really like them to work things out but this is where I stepped in and said, No. That’s enough. Sunshine still lives here and shouldn’t feel like her stuff is fair game just because she’s not using it right this second. There will be plenty of time for that when/if she becomes a parent.

And this is why you will see Moonshine at the botanic gardens later today with my really nice camera instead of the one Sunshine got for graduation. I’m a peacekeeper, y’all.

20140701-232523-84323434.jpg Moonshine: I’m going to take all your stuff.


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