It Really Was a Different Time

Do you know how many times a week I say, It was a different time, when referring to some question Sunshine has?

We were watching a movie called Bed of Roses where a very adorable Christian Slater lightly stalked and ended up with an equally adorable Mary Stuart Masterson. He was a flower delivery guy, and he was walking by her New York City apartment at night and observed her crying. The next day he brought her flowers to cheer her up and bingo bango, true love. Sunshine seemed to think that was full-on stalking and totally creepy, to which I said, It was a different time. The first time I saw that movie I’m sure I thought, how romantic but now I’m jaded, and maybe it does seem a little creepy.

This last weekend I was talking to my stepmom’s friends about the time I left Sunshine at a truck stop when my car broke down. I’ll recap quickly because I know I have at least one fan who knows the story, but I was driving through Kansas, my alternator went out, truckers picked us up, I went to meet the tow truck driver and the female trucker told me to leave my baby with her because it was cold, so I did. When the tow truck drove past the truck stop to the garage, I said, I have to go back and get my baby and he yelled said incredulously, You left your baby at a truck stop?? It was a different time!!

I’m sad that my younger kids won’t remember a time before 9/11. Where a hijacking was a quick trip to Cuba and then release. They won’t know a time before cell phones. They don’t understand Atari and the appeal of Pong. And I know I sound like grandma Christy, but I used to have to get up to change channels and actually sit through the commercials. What?

But this is what they’ll never understand, there was a time when the tv went off at night. I’m not making this up. They played the national anthem:

And then this would happen:

And that’s what it would look like the rest of the night. It was a different time!


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  1. Mom

    Much simpler time? I don’t know.

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