Conversation is a Lost Art

Do you go to your high school reunions? My classmates are getting ready to have one, let’s call it the 15th-ish. I haven’t been to one. Maybe if I had a good high school experience or if I stayed in my home town or had any IRL friends from high school or looked like I did in high school, bangs and all, maybe I’d go back.

But none of those things are going on.

There’s a Facebook page dedicated to talking about the reunion, and I’m fascinated by what everyone is doing. I also think Facebook and social media will be the demise of civilization.

Another time I s’pose. A couple weeks ago, someone posted something like if you RSVPd and you didn’t buy your ticket, you suck. I’m totally paraphrasing. Because apparently the person in charge made reservations based on how many RSVPs she got, and she was going to get stuck paying for the people who didn’t buy tickets. She’s a better person than I am, which goes without saying even though I said it.

So anyway, there’s a post that everyone sucks…seriously, I don’t want cards and letters, I know it didn’t actually say that. And someone commented, “I didn’t rsvp because hanging out with people I haven’t seen in 20 plus years doesn’t appeal to me, but what happened here? Didn’t we graduate with over 600 people? It is surprising that there is such a low turnout.” Oh my gosh, I laughed all day. And as you can imagine, he was hung by his toes and burned in effigy.

I’m sure his point was, where is everybody who wants to hang out together and catch up? but I think most people only read the first sentence. And, look, it’s not for me either, however, anyone coming through Denver, I’m good for a lunch. but after everyone started in on him, the poor guy couldn’t say anything right.

Hey, look, I’m talking through my photo blog!!

Sunshine came home tonight because she had a doctor’s appointment and we went to Chipotle for dinner on my cousin Cari’s dime. She sent a gift card as thank you for the piano.

I often don’t understand what Tenderheart’s doing.

Lola got in a little lovin’ this week when she jumped on Bella for a little inter species hugging.


Moonshine got a little surprise hugging as well. And I’m just going to say one of these hugs ended in violence. I’ll let you guess which one.


Another one of my pet peeves is busy bodies. Someone who’s just out to make trouble based on their love of drama with no actual knowledge of what’s going on. Remember Mrs. Kravitz? What a busy body!!


My twin cousins had a birthday party and Moonshine and my Uncle Danny were bonding over their love of pastels as he was showing her how to take a more flattering selfie.


Tenderheart joined high school POMS where she is bonding over her love of matching outfits and giant bows.

And who doesn’t love giant bows.

Finally, whatever happened to the art of conversation??




  1. I helped with the last reunion, I got my full of a few people and have no desire to go and be pitied over our loss this time around. I told myself that it was just me being over sensitive, thinking anyone would still have that topic on hand (though we’re always THOSE PEOPLE WHO’S DAUGHTER DIED everywhere we go). Any doubt of how it would go was quickly set right with that same thread where I was tagged as the example of a certain person’s magnanimous empathy.
    Yeah. I’m not going. The delusional idea that if people really wanted to go they’d squirrel away funds over the last 5 years is the same thing that made me sick the last time. I have enjoyed getting back in touch with people, but as you said, social media will be the end of us all. I’m a bit TOO in touch as it is, I’ll be skipping the party.

    • Oh! Canada

      I saw it too. Gross. Seriously. I wish there was a throat punch button on FB.

      Luh yew! Mean it.

      • seekingmyserenity

        Luh yew too!
        You, of all people, know how much fun I had the last time around. No thanks. I’ll pass.

  2. Haha, “magnanimous empathy”, yeah, she seems like she’s turned into a real peach!! I saw that and cringed. I can’t even imagine what you have to go through on a day to day basis with your own stuff, and having people “remind” you, as if you need reminding. But hey, remember, if you’re in Denver, I’m good for lunch!! I might even do dinner and drinks with you!

    • Oh I’ll be up that way sometime. Nephew moved to Colorado Springs. I’m coming. Eventually!

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