Glamping’s More My Style

One of my pet peeves is asking someone to do something and it not getting done. Pick up your shoes, hang up your dress, do the dishes. It’s such a waste of time to keep telling you to do something when you could have just done it the first time. Frustrating is what it is. Oh and then there’s the attitude of I’m doing it!! when I’ve only asked you a billion times!!!

Hey look, it’s swooper bashing Thursday!! Who’s excited? No one? That’s fine.

For my new reader, swooper, aka the monkey, is the artist formerly known as the father of my children. He likes to swoop in and take credit for having awesome kids, but he doesn’t do any contributing. His step daughter had a Project X-type party a couple of weekends ago and some of his stuff was stolen. I’m sure not as much as he told the insurance company but he’s not my problem anymore.

So he called me and asked if he could take Tenderheart camping on his birthday weekend. Oh my gosh, first he asked if he could take her to a lacrosse game on the fourth to watch the fireworks and then told me he had a bunch of other tickets if I wanted to go too. Ummmm…I’m busy doing anything else that day, but thanks.

Okay, so back to camping. He asked if Tenderheart could go, and then Sunshine told me that he asked if she was free that weekend too. I asked if it was so she could go to the mountains with him too, and she said no, he wanted her to house sit. So he’s taking his gal, her two kids, even the one who threw the party, and Tenderheart, and he asked Sunshine to watch his house. At least that’s something, he hasn’t spoken to Moonshine in months. I still can’t believe I had kids with that guy.

Someone on Facebook said they wished they had a time machine and my rather crude joke is I’d go back to August 1999 and say, pull out. I’ll let you do the math on that one. But I actually said I’d go back to October 1990 when my neighbor across the hall knocked on my door. Don’t answer it, I’d scream. But I’d still answer it because I have these amazing kids who don’t do anything the first time I ask. Wait, maybe I wouldn’t open the door.

I definitely would


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