Minimalism at its Finest

When Sunshine was seven, my friend and I used to walk every day. She lived four streets from me, and we would meet and walk to the bike path or the tennis courts. We would walk to the tennis courts and stay until the lights went off at 11:30 pm and then we’d walk home. We had no sense because it wasn’t just us, it was me and my three kids, her and her two kids. I always joked that a kidnapper wouldn’t want to mess with our menagerie of strollers and kids and pets. Maybe it was a different time. Although I would do that now.

So on one of our daytime walks, there was an advertisement for piano lessons. I base a lot of what my kids do on what I wish I could have done growing up. Piano lessons is on that list. I called and signed her up and started preparing a spot on my shelf for her Grammy.

In the meantime, my MIL at the time came into some money so she bought us a piano, and my mom paid for the lessons.

Well, things don’t ever always work out like you think and Sunshine stopped playing piano. But that’s okay because Moonshine’s Grammy can go on the same shelf. You can probably see where this is going. Tenderheart’s Grammy??

The shelf got dusty, the piano got dusty, and I just had to get rid of it. Ideally I could have sold it since I really need the money, but as I just stated, things don’t always go as planned.

Then, a conversation with my cousin Cari, a trip to Colorado, a rented trailer, three guys, five stairs, bingo bango, no more piano cluttering up my basement.

Just know it wasn’t nearly that easy.

Somewhere in there I decided I might want to be a minimalist. I might just want to get rid of everything. What am I holding on to stuff for? What’s the end game? My kids are going to have to get rid of it when I die, so what if I just sold it all now and lived a simpler life. What if everything I owned could fit in my car? It would make my New York move in four years much easier to manage, right?

But where to start? My dad’s roll top desk? My grandma’s dining room table I recovered? The treadmill seldom used? The bedroom set from my dad? Uncle Bob’s couch? The bench from my neighbor’s curb? I just realized the only thing I have in my house actually bought by me is my entertainment center.

As soon as I get over my Craig’s List fear, look out!! That roll top desk is the first to go. But before that happens, here’s my piano. It’s in a better place. She better get a shelf ready for her daughter’s Grammy.



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