In October 2007, my dad took me and the girls to San Diego for a week to visit Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Lego Land.

Standing on the beach.

In May 2008, he was going to take me on a cruise to Alaska. In June 2008, my dad died of pancreatic cancer. I’ll be honest when I say, I have no idea what a pancreas does but apparently it can get cancer and kill you, like all the other organs in your body.

Cancer sucks. How has there not been a cure? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, except I sort of am, but no one really wants cancer cured, right? And I’m just talking about big pharma here, because cancer is big business. We give all this money for all these causes but why is it never eradicated?

I walked a 5k yesterday for Purple Stride, an organization for the awareness of pancreatic cancer. Know it. Fight it. End it. It was my first year even hearing of them, and I managed to get a team of 13 to walk. And I didn’t die from being out of shape, so SUCCESS!! I was fascinated by the survivors because if you know anything about the disease, you know it’s mostly quick yet painful and early detection is key.

They told my dad it was his gallbladder. They did a blood test that was negative because the kind of tumor he had was undetectable and didn’t show up on a blood test. In San Diego, October 2007, he was having trouble with his gallbladder. I remember sitting at a nice restaurant and he couldn’t get his standard chicken fried steak he always got because he said it would make him sick because of his gallbladder. He was irritable but I chalked it up to him not being used to being around young kids in a small space. We are a lot to handle, but it turns out irritability can be a sign something might be wrong with your body. Oh, hindsight.

Here’s my stepmom and two of my girls.


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